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Fusion Tech provides our clients with a wide range of CNC machining services. We produce high quality milling, bending and rolling, and turn- ing for all your fabricating needs. Our CNC machines are capable of large jobs, both in size and quantity. Due to our extensive experience, we are able to quickly and effectively meet the needs of our clients.

Machining Capabilities: • Tapping • Countersinking

• Boring • Facing

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YamaSeiki VMB-1600 CNC Vertical Mill Travel size: 63” X, 31.5” Y, 31.5” Z

YamaSeiki GA-2800LM CNC Live Tooling Lathe Max Swing: 22.83”, Max Turning: 13.77”, 3” through

(2) CNC Trak DPM V7 Bed Mills Travel size: 60” X, 20” Y, 20.5” Z

Willis Digital Readout Lathe 15.25” swing x 40”, 2” through

YamaSeiki VMB-1400 CNC Vertical Mill Travel size: 55” X, 31.5” Y, 28” Z

ProtoTRAK TRL 2470SX CNC Trak Lathe Max Swing: 24”, Max Turning: , 4” through

Willis Digital Readout Mill Travel size: 36” X, 11.25” Y, 15” Z

Flex-Arm Hydraulic Tapping Machine 2x, up to 1” eighth tap


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