American Consequences - September 2020

P.J. O’Rourke comment: James, I suspect you’re right about what Joe’s thinking. In which case Joe had better rethink it. Joe’s stand-up act is going to have to get a lot better before it can rival my friend Dennis Miller’s. While it may or may not be true about all the things you describe, at least Biden has a lifetime of government experience and can think and talk with people about something besides himself. – Jane D. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Jane, that’s a fair point. While Biden’s campaign platform is a ridiculous exercise in over-promising, there is no indication that Joe is not a decent and empathetic person. But whether “a lifetime of government experience” is a plus or a minus is something I’ll leave to the voters to decide. My opinion is that the fault Joe Biden has is a fault that really lies within ourselves: Wanting more from government results in more government than we want. The Dems know Joe will never make it through his first four years, Kamala will be president, the radical left (the squad) will enlist more of the same, it will be the end of the U.S. and it will turn into a banana republic with extreme poverty, it will be worse than the crash back in the 1920’s, disease will ravish the country and death will be seen all over with people rotting in the streets being eaten by rats and other rodents. It will not be a pretty sight. For people who think Joe as president will be a wonderful thing, they better think twice – he is like Bernie in Weekend at Bernie’s, he’s a stiff with fools pulling his strings! – Beverly S.

loyalty. But, looking over my old columns, I’m not absolutely sure I agree with you. Re: The Great American Meritocracy at Risk Awesome. I loved Trish Regan and miss her. Fox Business primetime has become a joke since her leaving. – Jack R. Trish Regan comment: Thank you for your loyalty, Jack. Our freedom of speech is an important value that we must all cherish. I know I certainly do! I enjoyed Trish Regan’s article on Venezuela and how it relates to what’s going on in the U.S. today. She was spot on, and I know what I’m talking about as I’m one of the few American expats still here in Venezuela... Everything you’re hearing today up there was said down here. As the saying goes, “The only new thing is the history you don’t know.” Keep up the good work! – Ted H. Trish Regan comment: Ted, thank you for the comment. You’re still there in Venezuela?! Wow. You are correct – nearly every American has left. Please stay safe and keep me posted! Re: Joe Biden’s 564 Pages of Empty Promises What a riot! However, I feel the joke is on us. Joe isn’t actually a politician, he fancies himself highbrow comedian, one we plebeians don’t have the intellect to understand. Joe thinks of himself as the liberal equivalent of Dennis Miller. – James F.

American Consequences


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