American Consequences - September 2020


tell but our democracy will not be the same and America’s best days are over. – Marco K. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Marco, see the reply to Beverly above, for my take on Joe’s health and well-being. Meanwhile I’m not sure the Roman Empire is the best historical example, either of a republic or a decline... The Roman emperor was an absolute dictator (though subject to veto – on the point of a spear – by the Praetorian Guard). Thus the decline of the Roman Empire was the decline of a dictatorship, and by the time the Western Roman Empire collapsed in 476 A.D., nobody missed it much. Roman civilization , on the other hand, began in 753 B.C. and lasted until the fall of Constantinople in 1453 – 2,226 years. So I think we can endure four years of Joe. Re: Live Free or Die... The Privilege of Freedom and the Power of Speech Trish Regan’s article, “Live Free or Die,” is one of the very best I’ve read in quite a few years. She is absolutely right when she describes how our society has drifted from one of diversified acceptance of ideas that are not always compatible, to one in which everyone must agree or suffer dire consequences. I can remember the time when I actually voted for a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent, all on the same ticket. I simply voted for whoever I thought was best for the job, without regard for politics. Today, that just is not possible! More is the pity!

P.J. O’Rourke comment: But what’s your worst-case scenario, Beverly? Kidding aside, I think – and pray – your predictions are too pessimistic. My guess about what will happen... (Dumb Pundit Alert! I have been totally wrong about everything that’s happened in politics for at least the last five years!)... is that Biden will win and the Democrats will keep the House and take the Senate. Then, we will have two years of an attempt to make what you describe happen. Fortunately, The Squad’s arrogance is only exceeded by their incompetence. What they do accomplish will be awful, but they won’t accomplish much of it. By the 2022 mid-term elections, American voters will be saying, “These people stink.” And thereafter Biden will be facing a centrist/conservative Congress. Also, I think Joe will survive his first term in fine fettle. There’s something about being in power that seems to come with a spritz from the Fountain of Youth. It’s been 75 years since we’ve had a president kneel over in office, and FDR was a very sick man in his fourth term. Doubt that Joe will finish his first term as President. Then we will see howwell Harris leads the country. America is in a spiral decline just as the greatest republic that existed, Roman Empire. If you study history, we seem to be at that very point. Time will



September 2020

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