American Consequences - September 2020

By Buck Sexton

T he year 2020 has shattered all political predictions. Going into January, President Donald Trump was presiding over a booming economy. He had the entirety of the Republican Party united behind him and the political winds at his back – despite an impeachment trial that went nowhere. He was heading into the final year of his first term with a roaring stock market, record-low unemployment, and no new major wars or military escalations abroad. He wasn’t tired of winning, but the thought was sounding less outlandish.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The economy began a tailspin in March. The world spent weeks – then months – on unprecedented lockdowns. And in May, George Floyd’s death sparked a series of protests and riots that would rock the country through the summer, causing tremendous damage and exacerbating flight from urban areas.

There is no conventional election wisdom about who will win this November between President Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden. The polls show a close race in the battleground states, but all the aphorisms about “a week is an eternity in politics” apply.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE WEB VERSION THE DEATH OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY

American Consequences


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