American Consequences - September 2020


The range of realistic outcomes is everything from a narrow win to an electoral wipeout for either side. But while it isn’t the most likely scenario for the election, there is one result that will have the greatest and most drastic long-term impact... What would happen if Joe Biden and the Democrats win full control of the government? That is, a Democrat in the White House with a consolidated Democrat majority in both houses of Congress. So in CIA parlance, it’s worth doing “red cell” analysis to work through what could happen if this event takes place. This is not an assessment of what will happen or how likely it is. Instead, it’s about what could happen, given the right opportunities. Our assumption for this plan is that Biden only has a complete Democrat majority until the midterms. That leaves him and his team two uninterrupted years to enact their will on the American people. Could he dramatically transform America, turning this country into a de facto one- party state, given two years of scorched-earth politics? Here’s a theoretical timeline of events to show what the answers to those questions may be...

January 20, 2021 INAUGURATION DAY SPEECH, PRESIDENT BIDEN After a tight election that came down to narrow victories in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, newly sworn-in President Joe Biden tells the nation that the hour of healing is upon them. His speech is filled with boilerplate Democrat slogans, with a clear focus on “unifying the country.” He takes shots at his predecessor, promising that he won’t “govern by tweet.” Biden tells America that dignity and decency have returned to the White House. However, Biden does noticeably stumble a few times during the speech, occasionally seeming a little confused while staring into the prompter. The national media declare that a new era of responsible government has arrived, and ignore the potential cognitive decline of the new commander in chief. Some analysts are wise enough to see through this fraud... While Biden is assuring the nation that he represents a return to normal – after all, who believes “blue collar Joe” is a radical? – the Democrat Party apparatus has spent weeks fine-tuning legislation that socialists like Bernie Sanders love. The most extreme left-wing activist groups want to make the country pay for all its sins of the Trump era... and they will. There is also talk inside Washington, D.C. circles of the bold new agenda coming from this “third term of the Obama administration” – as they are branding the elevation of Obama’s former VP.

Could he (Joe Biden) dramatically transform America, turning this

country into a de facto one- party state, given two years of scorched-earth politics?


September 2020

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