American Consequences - September 2020


trillions of dollars of wealth from corporations and give it to working people, primarily “communities of color.” President Biden also announces the creation of a new Cabinet position, “Secretary of Climate,” who is responsible for overseeing the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the newly created “Department of Climate.” A carbon tax is instituted to drive up the price of all economic activities not reliant on renewable energy. The unemployment rate jumps, thanks to immediate layoffs and imminent bankruptcies in the energy sector. Republicans complain about the Constitution, the separation of powers, and the wonders of the free market. Democrat activists laugh at them on social media and chase them out of restaurants. August 9, 2021 SENATE MAJORITY LEADER CHUCK SCHUMER ANNOUNCES PASSAGE OF COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL Still riding high off their “bold new action” on climate change, the Democrats make their next major move on immigration. Record numbers of illegal aliens have crossed into the country at the southern border in response to the promise of “free health care” through the Biden Public Option. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer declares that the Senate – by a narrow 52-to-48 vote – has passed a “pathway to legal status” bill for illegal aliens in the country.

Officially, there are a number of benchmarks and legal hurdles for the millions of illegals covered under the “Biden Bridge to America” policy. Democrats shout down Republican criticism of the action as an “amnesty” – claiming that back taxes will be paid, English proficiency proven, and criminal background checks run on every applicant. None of the Democrat apparatus believes any of that will happen... and the Biden executive branch has no plans to enforce it. President Biden orders his Department of Homeland Security to print federal identification cards and work IDs for every “undocumented’ immigrant in the country. “Now everyone is documented,” Biden tells the media during a pool spray outside the West Wing. Pelosi and Schumer confer about legislation to go from “pathway to legal status” to “citizenship,” with the working title “The American Dreamer Act.” December 7, 2021 BIDEN’S ADDRESS TO THE NATION FROM THE ROOSEVELT ROOM With his first year in office almost finished, President Biden stands in front of the American people... In bittersweet tones, he announces that he is stepping down from the office of the presidency for unspecified health reasons. Rumors fly that his early-onset dementia was growing worse, and his staff and friendly press corps were no longer going to be able to cover for him.


September 2020

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