American Consequences - September 2020

Teary-eyed Biden proclaims his endless love for the American people, then announces that the country is in “the best possible hands” with Kamala Harris. President Harris becomes the first black female president of the United States. Biden rides off into the sunset with every liberal media outlet and the entire Democrat establishment grateful to him... After all, not only did he save the country from four more years of Trump, he also handed over the presidency to a minority female. Biden goes on the speech circuit for $250,000 an hour, and receives a $10 million advance for a ghostwritten memoir. His son, Hunter Biden, gets a cover story in Vanity Fair : “The Next Great Biden Comeback?” January 24, 2022 PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS’ FIRST STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS President Harris makes no apologies for what she claims is her new radical agenda... In her first speech as president to the American public, she tells the Republican Party that there can be no negotiating when it Republicans complain about the Constitution, the separation of powers, and the wonders of the free market. Democrat activists laugh at them on social media and chase them out of restaurants.

comes to issues of “justice” – and every major Democrat agenda item is exactly that. She tells America that the growth of the Public Option is so popular, it will be expanded into a full-scale “Medicare for All” plan. Harris says the Green New Deal will require a trillion dollars of investment in new technologies and jobs over the next two years of her presidency. She warns fossil-fuel makers that they will no longer be able to “profit off poisoning our air” and establishes a presidential Task Force on global climate reparations. President Harris also announces that through an act of Congress (only possible due to the elimination of the filibuster) all former illegal aliens naturalized through the “Biden Bridge” program will soon become citizens able to vote if they meet certain criteria. Once again the benchmarks are ignored, but citizenship is conferred. Millions of predominantly Hispanic voters are registered through a special program set up by the Harris White House. May 2, 2022 PRESIDENT HARRIS’ EXECUTIVE ORDER ON GUN VIOLENCE Using the precedent of COVID-19 lockdowns, President Harris announces from the Oval Office that gun violence is a “national health emergency” that requires immediate federal action. She declares via executive order a national assault-rifle ban, subject to a 90-day handover period, and a mandatory national handgun-registration program.

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