American Consequences - September 2020


Congressional Democrats then move with accompanying legislation, adding criminal penalties under statute for non-compliance. They don’t get a single Republican vote, but they don’t need one. President Harris touts the creation of a national firearms registry as one of her greatest accomplishments.

They only have to control the system one more time to change it forever. And they know it.

presidency and both the House and Senate with the 2020 election, they can get rid of the filibuster, pass whatever legislation they want, and use the promise of amnesty to add to their voter rolls and help neutralize any voter blowback to their radical actions. This is why this next election is so monumental. There is no middle in American politics today... If the anti-Trump resistance loses, there’s a realistic chance that the radical left will have its back broken by Trump over the next four years. That could lead to moderation and, paradoxically, greater unity for the country down the line. But if the Democrats win this round – given their collective mentality and far-reaching policy plans – they may seize the opportunity to finish off their Republican rivals once and for all. They only have to control the system one more time to change it forever. And they know it.

November 8, 2022 MIDTERM ELECTIONS

Democrats win their biggest majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate since 1936 when the Republicans only had 16 seats. Texas flips to a blue state for the first time in decades, and Ohio and Florida become solid Democrat strongholds. Pollsters point to the obvious – despite a contracting economy, unsustainable debt, and massive health care shortages – the new infusion of millions of Hispanic voters delivered what will be an unbreakable and likely generations-long majority to the Democrat Party. President Harris declares the Democratic-Socialists’ Future of America will continue into her second term. None of These Plans Are Secret Do you think these scenarios are farfetched? Do you believe they aren’t feasible? If we listen to the promises and intentions of Democrats today, all of this follows in a logical order. If the Democrats win the


September 2020

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