The Livewell Collective - January 2019




For a long time, I was not one for New Year’s resolutions. Like so many of us, I found myself starting strong, only to lose sight of my goals by February. But nothing teaches you the value of well-thought-out long- term planning like starting a business. As I started O2 and began to feel the need to better myself as both a leader and a person, I decided to push myself to make these resolutions work. The first step was making it more than a once-a-year deal. When I resolved to make my goal setting more purposeful, I took a page out of basically every business book on the market and started writing my goals down. Getting these resolutions on paper did a lot to instill a sense that they were tangible mileposts I was accountable for. Best of all, it made them easy to review week in and week out. These days, I review my list of goals every Sunday. And it is a list. For me, rather than having a single large goal to strive for, I prefer to break things down into categories: mind, body, and soul. Mind goals concern my professional life and bettering myself as a leader. Body, obviously, is my slot for all those gym- and dietary- related resolutions. Last but not least, soul is my term for personal improvement, be it meditating, journaling, or spending time with my girlfriend. Taken together, having multiple goals in each of these columns ensures I grow more well-rounded and that I have a variety of things to work on from week to week. Then, at the end of every year, I can review the progress I’ve made. Starting this routine was difficult. That’s why I put a CrossFit spin on it, looking at every goal as an exercise. Early on, I resolved to do 25 burpees in the morning — not for my fitness but for my self-discipline. This was something I did not want to do. Being able to conquer that little voice in my head telling me I couldn’t do it was a huge win and a big part of why I’ve been able to stick to resolutions long term. I won’t say that I ace this list every year, but if I can nail 80 percent of my goals, it’s an amazing feeling. And the progress shows. See, I have one more yearly routine that really brings the whole experience home in a big way. Every night, my girlfriend, Victoria, and I tear off another sheet from our New Yorker daily cartoon calendar and write down

something we were grateful for that day. We keep these sheets of paper in a jar, and at the close of the year, we flip through them.

At the time of writing, we’ve just opened up our 2018 jar, and let me tell you, it was a trip. Here are a few favorites I picked out to share:

Feb. 17: “500 squats with Vic, headed for Columbus for a hot date” — Dave

“Bubby’s dog sitting lined up with Grandma and Grandpa” — Vic

March 15: “What could be a brilliant or terrible idea: Debut a caffeine- free version of O2 at the CrossFit Games” — Dave

“Eli’s barbecue after our hot yoga class tonight.” — Vic

July 26: “Filled in for volleyball on Vic’s team tonight, and I still got it” — Dave

“We’re 2 and 1 at this point. We’re so happy you played with us” — Vic

Before Vic and I started doing this, the end of the year was always about which goals I met and which I didn’t. Taking the time to remind ourselves of the unexpected triumphs, bright ideas, and small moments of joy was a perfect pairing with my normal end-of-year plans. It just goes to show that no matter what you plan for, life can surprise you in the most wonderful ways. Headed into 2019, I’m excited to put O2’s resolutions in motion. We’re going to be doing bigger and better events this year — you can count on us showing up to the Games once again! We’ll be taking strides to deepen our partnerships and may potentially unveil another big surprise. I’m fired up to see these projects take off and for all the good days that come between.

Happy New Year’s,

–Dave Colina Founder, O2


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