Understanding Shoulder, Elbow & Wrist Pain

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“Everyone Else Is Gaining Pain Relief From Joint Pain. What Am I Doing Wrong? ” Understanding Shoulder, Elbow & Wrist Pain

You try to get through the day, but that nagging pain in your shoulder, elbow or wrist just keeps your attention focused on it. It sure is hard to concentrate on work, your family and other activities you need to do! It is common habit to focus on the body part that hurts. It is thought that because it hurts there, that is where the problem is coming from. However, this is often not the case as the cause of the problem stems fromanother area. The body part that is painful is usually the one that is excessively doing all the work, because other areas are not doing their job. Why it hurts

The body is truly amazing and all the parts work together as awhole. However, when an area of your body becomes weak or stiff because of poor posture, stress or injury, other areas strain from the overwork. A common word that is used for this type of repetitive injury strain is called “tendonitis”. This is simply an inflammation of the tendons, which attach muscles to bones. The upper extremity works in 3 parts, the shoulder, elbow and wrist. They rely on each other to make the incredible movements of your arm so you can reach, grasp and do ordinary daily tasks we take for granted.


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Proper movement relies on your posture to be in good order. When you slouch or do a repetitive task, like reaching across your desk, certain muscles can become too tight or strong while others become weak. This muscle imbalance leads to the area not working as well as it should. For example, you sit at a desk all day and you slouch your shoulders. Now, your shoulder doesn’t work as well, but you still move your mouse around with your arm, which causes your wrist and forearm muscles to overwork. As this happens over time, you start to notice aches and pains in your wrist and elbow. If this goes on too long, it becomes severe and you need to seek out medical help.

SOLVING THE PROBLEM Typically a brace may be put on the area, but that does not solve the cause of the problem. The real reason can be because your shoulder was stiff and weak from slouching. An expert physical therapist has the right medical training to spot where your posture is not optimum and how you are compensating. With the right evaluation and treatment from the experts at Orlando Sports Medicine, you can relieve your shoulder, elbow or wrist pain quickly and be back to doing what you like to do. Our home programs make it easy for you to maintain your gains and stay well for the long haul. Call us today to learn more how we can relieve your pain and get you back to enjoying your activities.


Patient Success Spotlight

Don’t let joint pain become a way of life Move Freely • Alleviate Pain Naturally • Have More Energy • Enjoy Activities Pain Free • Be Stronger Do you suffer with shoulder, elbow and wrist pain, and fear it will get worse? “My knee feels better & stronger!” “The team at Orlando Sports Medicine Group is nothing short of amazing. Sixteen years after having an initial ACL surgery, I had a second ACL surgery on the same knee. I began therapy with another reputable group, but was not receiving the results I was hoping for. I received a recommendation to give Orlando Sports Medicine Group a try and never looked back. Within two weeks of working with Bill and the team, I saw noticeable results. Now, only five months after my second ACL surgery, my knee feels better and stronger than it has in sixteen years. I highly recommend the Orlando Sports Medicine Group.” - Ronald E. OSPORTSMED.COM IT’S EASY TO GET HELP FOR JOINT PAIN

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When You’re Numb, You’re Done

Ice is for injuries. Calming down damaged superficial tissues that are inflamed, red, hot and swollen. The inflammatory process is a healthy, normal, natural process…that also happens to be incredibly painful and more biologically stubborn than it needs to be. Icing is mostly just a mild, drug-less way of dulling the pain of inflammation. Examples: a freshly pulled muscle or a new case of IT band syndrome (which is more likely to respond than the other kind of runner’s knee, patellofemoral pain, because ITBS is superficial and PFPS is often a problem with deeper tissues).

Here are some tips and methods in icing inflamed tissues: Slide the ice over the inflamed area in a slow but steady pattern. It’s important to keep moving. Continue ice massaging for 1–3 minutes, or until it is numb, whichever comes first — no more. “When you’re numb, you’re done,” is the rule of thumb for safety. Areas with thick tissue, like your shoulder, will take longer to get numb. Thin areas, like the side of the elbow, will usually go numb quickly. What does numb feel like? Just close your eyes and lightly touch the skin. If you can’t feel it at all, or if you can feel only pressure, that’s numb enough. Stop icing and let the tissue warm up. An excellent method of therapeutic icing is to use bare or “raw” ice — that is, ice applied directly to the skin, with no layer of plastic or fabric between you and your ice. Raw ice delivers more of an icy punch! This is due to the spreading of melt water into every crevice, which conducts heat more efficiently away from the skin both directly into the ice, and via evaporation.


Exercise Essentials Try this simple exercise to keep you moving...

WAND SHOULDER FLEXION Lying on your back and holding a wand, palm face down on both sides, slowly raise the wand towards overhead. Repeat 3 sets of 8 reps.

Helps Shoulder Pain



The above exercise is designed to be performed under the instruction of a licensed physical therapist.


Why You Need To Come Back In For A Check-Up:

• Move without pain • Bend and move freely • Balance confidently and securely • Walk for long distances • Live an active and healthy lifestyle


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