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Dre Suzanne Filion a été désignée lauréate 2018 du Prix pour contribu- tions remarquables au service public ou communautaire, décerné le 26 juin dernier par la Société canadienne de psychologie (SCP). Ce prix RECONNAISSANCE POUR SUZANNE FILION


as musical coordinator for the Jamboree, visitors enjoyed different acts that pleased various musical tastes. Wayne Rostad drove from his cottage in Nova Scotia to be part of the festivities. Last year’s crowd favourites, the Alleykatts, were back for an encore, as well as many local talents. In partnership with the Food Bank, every penny is accounted for. “Transparency is of the utmost importance and financial statements are prepared and published showing exactly money spent on the event and money received by the Food Bank”, emphasized Charest. As for his own reason for getting involved very early in the Jamboree, Mr. Charest explained: “Life has been good to me, so I decided to give back.” The volunteer is also on various committees and on the Board of directors of the National Capital Junior Hockey League, of which the Cougars are part. On The Edge Synchronized Skating Team were in charge of the food canteen and all profits from their “good eats” went to the team. They practice at the Vankleek Hill Community Centre every Sunday night, which is open to skaters aged 18 and older, with previous figure skating experience.

This year marked the seventh Vankleek Hill Food Bank Jamboree in its present incarnation. The 500 ticket holders, who could come and go as they pleased du- ring the event, were treated to musical acts from 2 p.m. to well past midnight, on Saturday, July 7. “The Jamboree started indoors some 16 to 17 years ago, but at some point, we had to move it outdoors”, shared Richard Charest. The retired manager sits on the Jamboree board with Mike St. Denis, Louise Sproule and Rev. Robert Martin. Once they moved the Jamboree to the spacious backyard of the Windsor Tavern, they were able to accommodate a lot more people. Volunteers, including Irene and Lloyd Howes, pitched in, as well as a group of dedicated folks who took care of the infrastructure. “This year, 200 tickets were sold in advance and about 300 tickets were sold at the door. Thanks to supporters, businesses and volunteers, once the final tally is in, we plan on giving around $7,000 to the Food Bank”, confided the organizer. Emceed by DJ Gord Nixon, who doubles The fourth annual 5K to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Canada was held last Saturday. And money they did raise to the tune of $70,000. A contingent of 400 strong attended the event that kicked off at Beau’s Brewery in Vankleek Hill. People ran, people walked, some accompanied by their favorite pooch, to complete the five-kilometer circuit on Newton road that had been blocked off, thanks to the Champlain Township workers who volunteered their time. The annual event began in 2015. “Judith Roy, one of our employees, approached us when she found out that her friend Ashley Cowan had ovarian cancer. Judith wanted to MICHEL LAMY

est décerné annuellement par la SCP afin de reconnaître les éminentes contributions d’un ou d’une psychologue qui sert des collectivités canadiennes, des groupes minoritaires ou

The HGH’s Suzanne Filion has recently received a prestigious award.

Pascale Picard a ravi la foule qui était à pleine capacité, le samedi

après-midi 7 juillet. Elle faisait partie du programme de divertissement du Jamboree de Vankleek Hill. Au moment de mettre sous presse, les organisateurs estimaient que 7000 $ iraient à la banque alimentaire. —photo Michel Lamy

des groupes de personnes défavorisées grâce à ses connaissances et ses com- pétences pratiques. Dre Filion est la directrice du dévelop- pement stratégique à l’Hôpital Général de Hawkesbury et district (HGH), où son mandat est de renforcer les capacités des services de santé afin de mieux desservir les clientèles de la région de Prescott et Russell. Elle exerce également en pratique privée comme psychologue, conférencière et consultante. Également porte-parole de plusieurs causes, Dre Filion participe régulièrement à des activités comme la Marche et la course du père Noël de Casselman, les activités de la Fondation de l’HGH ainsi que de Bell Cause pour la cause, dont elle est l’une des expertes nationales en matière de santé mentale. « Grâce à sa contribution, la population de Prescott et Russell peut maintenant compter sur des services accrus au Centre régional de santé mentale et toxicomanie de l’HGH à Hawkesbury et aux centres satellites de Casselman et de Clarence-Rockland », a indiqué Marc LeBoutillier, directeur général de l’Hôpital Général de Hawkesbury et district.— Salle de nouvelles EAP


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La quatrième édition annuelle de 5K pour récolter des fonds pour le Cancer de l’ovaire Canada a permis d’amasser 70 000 $. Un contingent de 400 personnes a participé à l’évènement qui a pris son envol à la Brasserie Beau’s de Vankleek Hill, le samedi 7 juillet. Ci-dessus, le mari d’Ashley Cowan, sa famille et ses amis avec le chèque. —photo fournie

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do something to raise money. We told her that, of course, we would help,” explained Jennifer Beauchesne, Communications Director for Beau’s Brewery, who hosted the event. Beau’s added some fun features including numbered bibs, an announcer and a big finish line to this year’s event, through a partnership with The Running Room. “Many of our employees were the same age as Ashley and went to school with her. So, ERRATUM Dans l’article sur les Services aux victimes de Prescott-Russell, publié en page 9 de la Tribune- Express du 4 juillet dernier, le titre aurait dû se lire 850 appels plutôt que 80 appels. Nous nous excusons de cette erreur. – Michel Lamy

we are very proud to support this event”, stressed Ms Beauchesne. Ashley Cowan’s husband, Nicholas Courtois ran the 5K, twice. “Ashley and I had planned to run the 5K together, but in April we found out that the cancer had spread and she was given about a month to live. Before she passed away on May 31, I vowed to her that I would complete the circuit, once for her and once for myself, which I did.” Courtois has been overwhelmed by the show of support for Ashley, for the Cowan family and for himself. “Vankleek Hill is a special place. I have never experienced such closeness. It’s like a big family and I still don’t quite know how to thank them and repay their kindness. One thing’s for sure, I will volunteer at events, whenever the possibility arises.”

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