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To dedicated athletes, the thought of laying on a beach for a week during vacation sounds absurd. So what should you do when you have to leave your workout routine behind? Luckily, there’s a workout for you. The Sore Legs, No Equipment Workout was created by Bobby Maximus, author of “Maximus Body.” While this workout is especially beneficial for endurance and strength athletes, anyone up a creek without a paddle — or in a hotel room without gym access — will find this workout helpful. Maximus’ Sore Legs, No Equipment Workout involves a series of repeated lunges and wall-sits. Not only will this give you more stamina during a long run or ride, but you’ll also get rid of aches and pains. Even if you don’t have issues running now, you’ll prevent these issues down the road thanks to this workout. Most strength athletes find themselves in a rut because they don’t do enough repetitions. This workout solves that problem. The number of repetitions increases your lower body strength and challenges you mentally too. The No-Equipment Workout W ork O ut on the R oad

The Sore Legs, No Equipment Workout involves 40 alternating bodyweight lunges, followed by a 30-second wall-sit. Then, 38 alternating lunges, followed by another 30-second wall-sit. You reduce the number of lunges by two until you are down to two alternating lunges and a 30-second wall-sit. To get the most out of this workout, it’s recommended that you make it through the workout without resting. You’ll find that a few reps into this Sore Legs, No Equipment Workout, your legs will be just that — sore. But it’s a great way to add variety into your normal workout routine and keep you at your strongest all summer long.


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