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As I sit down to write this, I am thinking about the fact that March is Women’s History Month. It seems like a good opportunity to recognize and appreciate the women who’ve been part of my life and who’ve helped me get to where I am today. Both my grandma and my mom have played definitive parts in guiding me as a business owner and leader. My grandma taught me to never give up, to stick to what I believe in, and to recognize the power of love. (In this edition, you’ll get to learn more about this amazing woman in a special tribute to her.) My mom shares many of these traits. She has always been supportive and been there for me, not just through my successes but also through my failures. While my mom has years of experience as a leader and business owner, she’s never forced her approach on me. Instead, she’s helped me learn from her experiences and given me the room to find my own way. She is always willing to listen and help me take stock of a situation without trying to make the decision for me. It goes back to the way she guided me through decisions when I was a kid. If I wanted to spend my money on something, for example, it was my decision, but she wanted me to have three reasons why. I’ll be honest — every time I haven’t done something my mom recommended, it turned out she was right. (Mom, if I haven’t told you that before, I figured this was a good chance to say it.) Still, I’m so appreciative of the fact that she trusts and respects my need to learn from my own mistakes. As you might remember, the No. 1 core value at BLF is family. It’s something my mom instilled in me early. She always found ways to keep us close-knit, even amid our hectic lives. She put a monthly camping trip on our schedules so we had designated time together. Those trips helped me see how important it is to make time for the people in your life.

been kind enough to serve as a mentor. Every time I meet with Amy, the first thing she asks is, “What can I do for you?” It means the world to me. She’s one of the most successful people I’ve ever met and an extremely talented attorney, yet she is willing to use that knowledge and experience to help others. I’m fortunate to say that attorney Lisa Blue, one of the most well- known, respected, and successful attorneys in the country, has also been a source of guidance in my career. Before ever meeting Lisa, I’d read her books and watched her seminars. She was like a mentor from afar. Then, my good friend and colleague Chris Hamilton connected me with Lisa, and she came to meet with me at my office to talk about cases, life, and the firm. Honestly, it was pretty surreal. There I was, in the early days of BLF, sitting down with one of the most respected attorneys to talk about law and life. That moment was definitive for me. I realized that once you meet someone who changes the game for you, it opens up doors you didn’t even know were there and shows you the unlimited possibilities. When it comes to my team, I’m fortunate to work every day with incredibly skilled, compassionate women. Rosie and Ashley have both stepped up and into their roles on our leadership team. They are building a legacy for women in the legal world in an industry that hasn’t always recognized them. I know Rosie, Ashley, and the rest of our team will continue to be sources of guidance and inspiration for other women, confirming that they too can be leaders, attorneys, and anything they set their minds to. I’m proud to know such incredible people who are helping to change the game for others.

Another woman who has been influential in my career is attorney Amy Witherite. I met Amy several years ago, and since then, she has

–Russell Button




For my first visit to Louisiana State University, the law school arranged a tour of the Tigers’ football stadium. As I walked through the tunnel to the field, I crouched down with my group like the players do every game. We swayed side to side, jumped with anticipation, and waited for the queue to run onto the field. In his best Les Miles interpretation, the tour guide backed up slowly, holding his hands out to control the pace of my new team. Anticipation built with every step. I jumped to hit the “WIN!” painted on the beam above me at the edge of the tunnel because it felt right. I jogged onto that field and was overcome with the power of LSU. I stood in the center of the field, gazing up into the stands of Death Valley, and I felt tiny yet huge all at once. In that moment, this south Florida girl made the decision to be an LSU Tiger. My dad and I shared a special bond over SEC football. He was a graduate of the University of Florida, so I was adorned in orange and blue since I was a baby. Deciding to go to LSU meant my dad had to learn to love his conference rivals. Football season was our father- daughter bonding time. Every conversation we had, I ended with, “Love you, Dad. Geaux Tigers!” to which he would chuckle and respond, “Love you, too. Go Gators!” I lost my Dad suddenly in August 2019. At the time, I didn’t realize just how hard the upcoming football season would be. With every victory came a reminder of the loss of my dad. Moments of celebration were met with the realization that I couldn’t call my dad to talk about the game. I found myself talking out loud in every nail-biting moment of “On Aug. 11, 2017, I was rear-ended by a speeding driver. This was my second car accident in over 14 years. Being new to Texas, I was stressed, overwhelmed, and trying to manage all the side effects that resulted from the accident. The Button Law Firm took care of all my concerns. Mr. Button and his team referred me to the best neurologist and speech therapist in Dallas. Rosie, his paralegal, kept me up to date with my case, and she was able to answer any question that I had. I’m delighted to be a client of The Button Law Firm. I’m thankful that I was referred to a group of people who love what they do, are organized, are thorough, and see you as a human being in need, not just another number. If you want this type of service and commitment from a law firm, then choose The Button Law Firm. Thank you again for everything!” 5-STAR CLIENT REVIEW

every LSU game, saying, “Dad, I don’t know what pull you have up there, but if you have any, make this play happen, please!” In their 2019 season, the Tigers made history as the greatest college football team of all time, going 15-0 and defeating seven of the nation’s top 10 football teams along the way. Thanks to my team at The Button Law Firm, I was able to

celebrate the College Football Playoffs in New Orleans with the people closest to me. As the clock wound down to 00:00, tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t help but think of that first moment that I stood on the 50- yard line, eyes wide, jaw dropped, and letting out an audible “wow” as I turned in a circle to get a 360-degree look at the stadium. Purple and gold confetti fell from ceiling of the Superdome. It was the first time all football season that I didn’t feel like I needed to call my dad. I knew he was right there next to me, eyes wide, jaw dropped, and telling me, “We did it!”

Love you, Dad. Geaux Tigers!

–Ashley Washington




Often, we receive calls from parents after they have talked with or hired other lawyers for their daycare injury case. The parents aren’t happy with how the case is going and are seeking advice. We’ve all seen the billboards for the general personal injury lawyer or car wreck attorney. They are everywhere. And while they may know certain areas of law well, they are not versed in the intricacies of a daycare case.

of a daycare injury. They’ll send preservation letters to the daycare and anyone involved with your child’s injury, they will get the incident report and reserve all videos and documentation, and they will also get witness statements as soon as possible. Time is of the essence in a daycare case.

How the Button Law FirmApproaches Daycare Cases

Since we turned our focus to daycare cases, my team and I have created a system that not only helps the family and the child affected but also makes the daycare industry safer with each case because we build safety demands into the settlement goals. With each case we take on, we work with the family to come up with a list of safety rules we would like the daycare center to implement in exchange for resolving the case. It gives us and our clients a purpose, knowing we can prevent the incident from ever happening again. For more guidance on the important steps to take after a daycare injury, turn to our FREE guide, “A Five-Step Guide for Parents Dealing With a Daycare Injury.” You can download it instantly, along with our other free guides, at ButtonLawFirm. com/reports.

In the aftermath of a daycare injury, every moment matters. Hiring an attorney who understands this is crucial to helping you establish and win your case. That way, your child can receive the care they deserve and the daycare is held accountable, preventing this from happening to other children.

The Advantage of Hiring an AttorneyWho Specializes in Daycare Cases

Not every case will require a lawyer, but the benefit of hiring a law firm that focuses on daycare negligence cases is that you can go back to your normal work schedule and give your child all the attention they need while recovering from their injury.

A daycare attorney will know each crucial step that needs to happen in the aftermath


As I look back and reflect on the last two years at The Button Law Firm, I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity I have every single day to come to work and do what I love alongside such an amazing team. When I first interviewed with Russell for the position, I remember how everything he said about the firm made it sound like the perfect place to be. And it truly is. The feeling I got from his words had everything to do with the

vision he had for what BLF would become and the legacy he wanted to build. I could feel the passion in his words. From that moment, I knew I wanted to be a part of BLF and felt so honored when he offered me the position. After two years of being at The Button Law Firm, I know there is no other place I’d rather be as we continue to grow as a firm and as a team. 3 –Rosie Melendez 214-888-2216


4315 W. Lovers Lane, Suite A Dallas, Texas 75209

www.buttonlawfirm.com | 214-888-2216


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Remembering My Grandma

And the Lifelong Lessons She Shared With Me This past December, my grandmother passed away at age 90. I started thinking about all the ways she’s influenced who I’ve become as a leader, business owner, and person. Over the course of the last five years, my grandma struggled with the effects of Alzheimer’s and a broken hip. Yet she overcame these challenges, and during her last two years with us, she was walking around, moving, talking, and laughing with us. The things I will always remember about my grandmother are her unrelenting willpower and determination. Once she set her mind to something, she did it. My grandma had less than a third grade education, yet she taught herself how to read and write. She became a savvy businessperson over the course of her career and ran a successful business. At 88, my grandma broke her hip. This can be incredibly debilitating at any age, especially your late 80s, but Grandma was determined to walk again. She did physical therapy, and a year later, she was moving and walking again. She was battling Alzheimer’s at the same time she was recovering from her injury, yet she did not let it prevent her from enjoying life. REMEMBERING MY GRANDMA

Grandma was always there for us, and she showed me the importance of showing up. She and my grandpa showed up at every game, every graduation, and every event for my sister and me. Together, my grandparents taught me about the power of love. They were married for over 60 years. In their 80s, they both had knee replacements. After surgery, the hospital staff put my grandma and grandpa in separate rooms. The minute my grandpa woke up, he insisted they take him to my grandma’s room. They woke up next to each other every morning, and my grandpa wasn’t about to let a knee replacement change that. Their example taught me how powerful love is. I’m unabashedly proud of loving my family, friends, colleagues, and our clients. My grandma’s unrelenting willpower and determination has sculpted who I am. She did things her own way, and if someone told her how to do something, she wanted to know why. This has influenced so much about the way our firm approaches business. It’s why we’re different. We take our own approach — the one that makes sense for both us and our clients. Thank you, Grandma, for teaching me so much about life.



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