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Remembering My Grandma

And the Lifelong Lessons She Shared With Me This past December, my grandmother passed away at age 90. I started thinking about all the ways she’s influenced who I’ve become as a leader, business owner, and person. Over the course of the last five years, my grandma struggled with the effects of Alzheimer’s and a broken hip. Yet she overcame these challenges, and during her last two years with us, she was walking around, moving, talking, and laughing with us. The things I will always remember about my grandmother are her unrelenting willpower and determination. Once she set her mind to something, she did it. My grandma had less than a third grade education, yet she taught herself how to read and write. She became a savvy businessperson over the course of her career and ran a successful business. At 88, my grandma broke her hip. This can be incredibly debilitating at any age, especially your late 80s, but Grandma was determined to walk again. She did physical therapy, and a year later, she was moving and walking again. She was battling Alzheimer’s at the same time she was recovering from her injury, yet she did not let it prevent her from enjoying life. REMEMBERING MY GRANDMA

Grandma was always there for us, and she showed me the importance of showing up. She and my grandpa showed up at every game, every graduation, and every event for my sister and me. Together, my grandparents taught me about the power of love. They were married for over 60 years. In their 80s, they both had knee replacements. After surgery, the hospital staff put my grandma and grandpa in separate rooms. The minute my grandpa woke up, he insisted they take him to my grandma’s room. They woke up next to each other every morning, and my grandpa wasn’t about to let a knee replacement change that. Their example taught me how powerful love is. I’m unabashedly proud of loving my family, friends, colleagues, and our clients. My grandma’s unrelenting willpower and determination has sculpted who I am. She did things her own way, and if someone told her how to do something, she wanted to know why. This has influenced so much about the way our firm approaches business. It’s why we’re different. We take our own approach — the one that makes sense for both us and our clients. Thank you, Grandma, for teaching me so much about life.



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