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CMYK color space Only for printing.

CMYK color model is the most popular system of coding colors for printing. It is based on covering white paper with inks of four defined colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK. Note that because this system is based on real, chemical inks used for printing, it is highly device-dependent. This means that CMYK values of given color will be different for different inks used for printing. In turn, the ink standards vary from country to country and even from manufacturer to manufacturer. There is no single standard CMYK color coding; always consult your printing house for correct color profile to be used.

CMYK is a subtractive color model it means that the inks block light reflected from white paper.

RGB image (full RGB gamut)

CMYK simulation (printable colors)



Theoretically by mixing various amounts of CMY inks we can get almost any color. Practically, even with addition of black ink the range of "printable" colors is limited. In Infinite Painter 7 you can define RGB colors using CMYK color sliders. See page 131 for details.

White background (paper) is a part of this color model.


Certain RGB colors cannot be printed in CMYK technology. Learn more about color gamuts on page 111.

CMYK model uses three primary colors (CMY) with addition of black for darker shadows and crisp text printing

Note that saturated, dark blues, reds and greens usually look dull when printed in CMYK technology.

Infinite Painter 7 offers CMYK preview function that allows you to assess how your artwork will look like when printed in CMYK. Note that you should know exactly which CMYK standard (profile) to use for given printing technology. Learn more on page 112. Note that most of contemporary desktop printers and large-format plotters no longer use CMYK color scheme.

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