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Color gamuts All color models have limitations.

Each practical color reproduction system has limited range of available colors This range is called "gamut". It is important to know the limitations of color models used in digital technology.

Practically widest RGB gamut (ProPhoto RGB)

Note that most of the computer screens are not able to display this color range.

sRGB gamut (used in Infinite Painter and in most other computer apps)

Theoretical range of all possible chromaticies in the CIE 1931 model.

CMYK gamut (example) Note that blue, green and red areas of sRGB stretch outside the CMYK gamut. These are the "non-printable colors". In reality different CMYK standards have different gamuts. For example, printing on uncoated paper will further limit the color range.

For all practical purposes this reflects the full color spectrum (here of course simulated)

Diagram based on File:CIE1931xy gamut comparison.svg from Wikimedia Commons

Comparison of RGB and CMYK color gamuts on a CIE 1931 xy chromaticity diagram (don't ask; that's just an illustration)

If you intend to print your artwork in CMYK technology you can preview how the RGB image will look like when printed. This allows you to take into account the limited CMYK gamut and alter your artwork if necessary. Learn how to use CMYK preview in Infinite Painter on page 112.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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