Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual v. 10.090821


On-screen color proofing For professionals.

Painter 7 allows you to correct displayed colors to simulate limited color gamuts* like CMYK colors Note that this affects the displayed colors only, not the actual pixel colors of your artwork Before using color proofing feature make sure you understand the concept and limitations of on-screen color proofing and make sure you know exactly which color profile you should use. Consult your print supplier or refer to online information about using color profiles.

RGB image (full RGB gamut)

CMYK simulation (printable colors)

Visibility panel (see page 140)

Color profile selector

Standard sRGB profile. Default for all new projects.

CMYK print profiles Make sure you understand the differences between different standards of CMYK printing and that you know exactly which profile to use. Use "Generic CMYK" profile only as general reference.

You can set the color profile also in the Settings panel (see page 437) and in the New project creator (see page 403)

Example of use of the color proofing

Note that any on-screen color proofing is only an approximation. RGB computer displays are not capable of displaying faithful CMYK simulation, especially non-calibrated screens of mobile devices. Proceed with caution.

Grayscale Use to assess tonal values. Line Art Turns all layers to Line Art blending Learn more on page 474 Color blindness profiles Use as general reference. There are various kinds of color blindness that cannot be simulated with these profiles.

*Learn more about color gamuts on page 110.

Current color profile name is displayed at the top of the Layer panel. See page 140 for details.

Also the color panel displays a warning icon

to indicate that the colors shown are adjusted to the profile.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_color_proofing

Studio • Color • Page 111

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