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64-bit color depth Super nerd stuff.

Infinite Painter uses 64-bit color depth internally This means instead of 256 colors per RGB channel it uses 65.536.

Regular 32-bit color: RGB (3 x 8 bits = 24 bits) plus alpha channel (transparency channel, also 8 bits) = 32 bits per pixel; May show banding on a long gradient*

64-bit color: RGB (3 x 16 bits = 48 bits) plus alpha channel (transparency channel, also 16 bits) = 64 bits per pixel; Smooth gradient

While standard 32-bit coding (24-bit RGB color plus transparency) gives 16.7 million possible colors, 64-bit color coding allows for 281 trillion colors (2.8 × 10 14 ). Plus over 65.000 levels of transparency for each pixel that's 1.8 × 10 19 combinations altogether; don't ask.

64-bit color allows for far more precise calculations and in result:

• smoother gradients • smoother brush strokes • safer image editing

*gradient banding shown here is a simulation; your screen actually doesn't support 64 bit color depth.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_color_64_bit

Studio • Color • Page 115

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