Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


CMYK color sliders Printing colors.

CMYK color space is used in commercial printing Note that Infinite Painter does not support CMYK-encoded images; CMYK colors are always translated to RGB.

Color panel in CMYK input view

Switch back to color wheel view

CMYK color model



CMYK color sliders:

C = cyan M = magenta Y = yellow

(primary colors)

Learn more about CMYK color space on page 110

K = black


Black ink in CMYK printing is used to enhance darkest areas of the picture.

Note that in the model implemented here, Black component does not deepen the CMY black:

More about the color panel on page 118

RGB black (R0G0B0)

RGB black (R0G0B0)

Note that all input methods in color panels are synchronized All affect the same main color sample

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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Studio • Color • Page 131

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