Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Layer panel — controls Layer control center

Add adjustment layer (adds a new special layer) see page 149

New layer group Creates a layer group containing the current layer. Learn how to use layer groups on page 153

Visibility mode indicates the current visibility mode of the layer stack (here shown in Normal mode)

Add layer (adds a new empty layer above the active layer)

Tap to open the Rendering/Visibility panel Learn about visibility modes on page 161

Each layer "tile" has its own set of controls. See page 143 for details

Rendering panel Controls how the entire layer stack is rendered.

Leave as "Standard" if you do not need special color proofing

Set color rendering options Learn about color proofing on page 112

and about gamma correction on page 113

If color proofing is on (color profile is different than Standard) the name of the current color profile is displayed on top of the layer panel

Select visibility mode: Normal, Solo, Trace. Learn about visibility modes on page 161

Note that these controls are accessible also from the main Settings panel (See page 439)

Note: these options may require some professional knowledge to use.

See page 144 for how to change layer order

See page 154 for advanced layer operations like layer grouping

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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Studio • Layers • Page 142

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