Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Layer masking — overview Like in Photoshop.

You can add a bitmap mask to a layer to mask out unwanted fragments non-destructively

Layer mask in Infinite Painter is a 8-bit (grayscale) image that can be edited (almost) like a regular layer. You can paint on the mask, apply filters, tonal adjustments and any other tools. White areas on the mask reveal the layer content, black areas hide it.

Layer options

Layer panel

Tap on the layer thumbnail to open the options pop-up

Tap on Mask icon to add mask to current layer

Learn more about using the layer panel on page 140

The mask initially is filled with white so it reveals the entire layer

Paint with black on the layer mask to hide fragments from the content layer. Learn more on page 166

Learn more about layer options on page 145

You can add a mask to a layer, to an adjustment/filter layer or to a group of layers. Only one mask can be added to each layer. Learn more about using layer masks on page 165

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_layers_masking_overview

Studio • Layers • Page 164

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