Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Layer mask — options Control your mask.

Layer masks have almost the same set of options as the regular layers.

Tap on mask name to open


Content layer

Layer mask options pop-up

(You cannot edit the name; a mask is always a mask)

Mask strength May be considered mask's opacity.

Hide Toggles visibility of the mask

Fill Fills the mask with black. This makes the content layer invisible.

Apply Applies the mask to its content layer permanently (and removes the mask). This permanently deletes masked out areas from the content layer. Delete Removes the mask from the layer. The mask content is permanently lost. This does not affect the content layer.

Invert Inverts tonal curve of the mask (creates a negative). Parts that were transparent will be opaque and vice-versa.

Clear Fills the mask with white, This makes the content layer fully visible.

Linked If on (default), the mask will be transformed along with its content layer. Turn off to be able to transform the mask independently.

Select Makes a selection based on the mask's opacity. More on page 311

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_layers_masking_options

Studio • Layers • Page 165

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