Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual v. 10.090821


Layer blending modes selector Also applies to layer groups.

Layer options pop-up

Normal blending mode

"Darkening" modes

"Lightening" modes

You may find the detailed description of each blending mode in Appendices (page 443)

(see p. page 143)

The main blending modes work exactly like in other graphic applications for example in Adobe Photoshop® and in Procreate®

"Contrast" modes

Links to description of each mode on page 174

You can find a lot of detailed descriptions and tutorials online of how to use the blending modes in Photoshop. Almost all these apply to blending modes in Infinite Painter. This however does not apply to "Masking" blending modes (Erase, Mask, Line Art) which are specific to Infinite Painter Learn more about these modes on page 175

"Inversion" modes

"Cancellation" modes

Tip: From all 27 "standard" blending modes there are some that are more useful than others. These are: • Normal (of course) page 445

• Multiply page 447 • Screen page 452 • Overlay page 456 • Soft Light page 457 • Color page 470

"Color" modes

"Masking" modes see page 175

Opacity slider You can adjust opacity in real time while selecting the blending mode

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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Studio • Layers • Page 173

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