Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Working with pattern projects Plan ahead for best results

Pattern projects allows you to create professional-grade seamless patterns but they require some planning

Project canvas size vs. pattern tile size

Remember that the dimensons of the exported pattern tile will be 1/2 of the dimensions of the canvas. So if you need a 1024 ×1024 px pattern tile, you shoud set your Pattern project canvas size to 2048 × 2048 px. Learn how to set the canvas dimensions on page 405.

(The area around the outer frame is not the part of the canvas).

Exported pattern tile

Note that the canvas in Pattern project doesn't have to be square. However most of the third party applications expect square pattern tiles.

Canvas size

Tile size

= 1/2 of canvas size

You can use most of the powerful editing tools in the Pattern projects. Use layers, symmetries, even Pattern tools within the Pattern project. Import photos, create precise shapes, draw, paint, edit. No limits to your creativity and fun.

Note that some tools may not work as expected in the Pattern projects. These are: Canvas tools: Rotate Canvas, Crop, Resize; Gradient and Pattern fills, Liquify, Smart cloning. Also Transformations may give unintuitive results.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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