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Canvas pixel size vs. print size Plan ahead.

The same digital image can be printed at any size however the larger the printed image, the lower its resolution (hence lower visual quality)

Print size shown against an A4 size paper sheet (~8” × 12”)

600 dpi very high resolution

3.5 ” × 3.5 ” ~9 × 9 cm

Very good quality suitable for high quality illustrations and edited photos.

Canvas size 2100 × 2100 pixels (example)

300 dpi standard resolution

7 ” × 7 ” ~18 × 18 cm

Good quality standard for medium size printouts.

2100 px

72 dpi very low resolution

29 ” × 29 ” ~74 × 74 cm

Usually unacceptable quality for printing. May be enough for low-quality posters.

Resolutions below 100 dpi and above 600 dpi are rarely used in printing.

72 dpi resolution remains the default "screen" resolution for jpg and png images even if today's computer screens usually have much higher resolutions. If you don't intend to print your artwork, you may leave 72 dpi value (or whatever other resolution in fact).

"dpi" is a standard unit of image resolution. DPI stands for "dots per inch". More precise unit name would be "ppi" ("pixels per inch") but "dpi" is widely used. 100 dpi ≈ 39 pixels per centimeter.

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