Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Brush Texture selector Add a texture to your brush.

Brush Texture selector

Import a bitmap If you do not find what you need.

You can reach the Brush Texture selector from the Brush Editor, Texture tab (page 96) or from the Brush Creator panel (page 78).

Import from

Photos ™ app

Presets list If you import a bitmap, it will appear in “Imported” section

Your device's camera

Files app Bring images from your device or from a cloud storage

Pixabay ™ image search More on page 422.

Infinite Painter’s Clipboard and system clipboard (Paste)

Brush Editor, Texture tab See page 96

Black or white? In general, the white areas paint, the black areas are transparent. But you can change it in the Brush Editor.

Invert Turn on to use negative.

You can use any kind of images for the brush texture: • white-on-black • black-on-white

• white-on-transparent • back-on-transparent • full color

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_brushes_adding_texture_selector

Studio • Brushes • Page 80

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