Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Downloading brushes from third-party suppliers Commercial way.

Brushes from third-party suppliers can be either free or offered for sale. They can be single brushes or (most commonly) brush sets.

1. Find a supplier offering Infinite Painter brushes. Note that brushes and brush sets in Infinite Painter 7 are not compatible with brushes from other applications. Currently it is not possible to use Photoshop ™ brushes in Infinite Painter (and vice-versa).

.przp exchange file

2. Purchase and download the brush set file It should have .przp extension.

3. Locate the file with the Files app The file can be either on your iPad or in an accessible cloud storage location

4. Open the file The brushes should appear in the brush list as a new folder.

© Purchased brushes may be copyrighted. Do not share them to the Community without clear consent from the creator.

§ Disclaimer: brushes offered by third-party suppliers are not a part of Infinite Painter application and the developer (Infinite Studio LLC) is not responsible for any possible technical issues with those products.

You can also download free brushes from the Community. See page 81.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_brushes_adding_from_vendors

Studio • Brushes • Page 82

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