Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Brush options panel For basic brush management.

Rename You can change the name of each brush, including the built-in brushes. Note that this does not create a duplicate, only changes the displayed name of current brush. For default brushes you can restore the original name at any time.

Brush selector

Duplicate This actually creates a copy of current brush. Be sure to name it so you can find it later. Share Allows you to export the brushes you created (for example to share them with other users).

Reset the brush Feel free to experiment; you can always return to factory settings.

Remove This hides the current brush. For a custom brush it returns it to “Created” folder. Delete This actually deletes current brush. Be careful, this is irreversible for custom brushes. Deleted default brushes can be restored.

Similar menu is accessible from the Brush Editor panel.

Learn how to download brushes shared by other users on page 81.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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Studio • Brushes • Page 86

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