2020 Harrells Balanced Approach Customer Agronomic Program …

2019-2020 Golf and Non-residential Turfgrass Poa annua Guarantee

Corteva Agriscience ™ is offering a guarantee on our Proven Solutions for Poa annua control.

Program guidelines:

Kerb ® SC specialty herbicide 30 to 40 oz per acre (0.75 lbs a.i.)


Non-overseed Turfgrass Kerb SC 40 to 60 oz per acre (1.0 lbs a.i.) Non-overseed Turfgrass* Kerb SC 30 oz per acre (0.75 lbs a.i.) + Dimension ® 2EW specialty herbicide 32 oz per acre (0.5 lbs a.i.)

Apply between October 1 and December 31, 2019

1 st Application: Dimension 2EW 32 oz per acre (0.5 lbs a.i.)

1 st application 6 weeks before overseed

2 nd application after overseed is established, or when turfgrass is well established with a good root system and a uniform stand and has received at least two mowings

Overseed Turfgrass

2 nd Application: Dimension 2EW 32 oz per acre (0.5 lbs a.i.)

Guaranteed 90% Poa Control through April 15, 2020 *A preemergent herbicide application for control of crabgrass and other spring/summer weeds must be applied after February 1, 2020 and prior to March 15, 2020 or prior to target weed germination. IPM Statement: Poa annua has evolved resistance to every effective mode of action that has been widely used to control this weed. To limit the spread of resistant Poa, there must be a rotation of products with differing modes of action, or applications of combination treatments with 2 or more modes of action. For further resistance management techniques and guidelines, please refer to Kerb SC specialty herbicide label. Higher amounts of rainfall and/or higher than average temperatures might make it necessary for a repeat application to achieve adequate control. Lack of control the previous year/season due to potential resistance should be met with university plant testing or earlier application timing. It is important to contact your local Corteva territory manager to determine the best choice for poa control.

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