2020 Harrells Balanced Approach Customer Agronomic Program …

2019-2020 Golf and Non-residential Turfgrass Poa annua Guarantee

Program requirements: • Product must be applied at rates and application timing as outlined above.

» » Greens: 1.8 pints of Kerb SC equals 0.75 lb active ingredient. » » Fairways: 2.5 pints of Kerb SC equals 1.00 lb active ingredient. • Treated areas must receive ¼ to ½ inch irrigation immediately following product application. • A small area of the course must be left untreated as a check strip. The area should be at least 500 sq. ft. and can be in a less noticeable area of the course. • If less than 90% control of Poa annua is obtained and documented; the product applications, as verified by a Corteva Agriscience customer service report, may qualify for payment. • Settlement payment shall not exceed the cost of original material purchase price, and are limited to the Kerb SC component of the formulation used. • All Kerb SC and Kerb SC/Dimension 2EW non-performance claims will be handled by Corteva Agriscience sales representatives (in conjunction with the selling Distributor Representative). • Avoid spraying Kerb SC on hillsides, fairways, or approaches that may drain onto bentgrass greens or other sensitive cool season grasses. • To receive settlement payment for non-performance, all non-performance claims must be reported to your Corteva Agriscience representative no later than April 15, 2020. Non-performance claim must exceed 10% of treated turfgrass area to be eligible for settlement payment. Payment will be made in the form of a check within 28 days of report completion. Other Requirements Related To Use Of Corteva Agriscience ™ , Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, Turf And Ornamental Products And This Service Policy Corteva Agriscience retains the right to reject claims that do not meet all terms and conditions of its service guarantee, as well as the right to investigate any situation where fraud is suspected. Void where prohibited by law. To determine the use and proof-of-purchase requirements, Corteva Agriscience may request the following documentation is provided to verify the use of a Corteva Agriscience product by the grower: 01. An invoice of the Corteva Agriscience product purchased from their retailer 02. A verified EDI transaction record from the distributor to the retailer who sold the Corteva Agriscience product to the grower 03. If the retailer who sells the product to the grower has no EDI transaction, then an invoice trail leading to a retail EDI transaction must be shown to support the purchase. • Corteva Agriscience will make approved claim payments after all required documentation is submitted and approved • All decisions made by Corteva Agriscience with respect to service guarantee implementation and administration, including the calculation of program payments, shall be final and binding. • Participation in this program is subject to any terms, conditions and procedures that Corteva Agriscience may adopt, at its sole discretion. • Corteva Agriscience reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time without prior notice. • Corteva Agriscience retains the right to audit customer’s records for compliance including earnings, and all such earnings will be forfeited if records are determined to be false. • Where permitted by law, Corteva Agriscience may deduct from program payments any amount due Corteva Agriscience or its affiliates including, but not limited to, past due amounts, late payments and penalties. All Corteva Agriscience products are to be used at labeled rates, and according to program recommendations herein. Settlement Payment does not include application or adjuvant-related costs. Corteva Agriscience must be notified within 30 days of application for service policy to be in effect unless otherwise stated. Please consult product labels and/or your Corteva Agriscience sales representative for adjuvant and mixing instructions.

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