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Provaunt Insecticide Mole Cricket Assurance Program With Provaunt ® insecticide, Syngenta is committed to the performance of its products that are used to control mole crickets on golf courses. If your Provaunt application fails to provide adequate control for early-stage mole cricket nymphs, and an additional re-treatment is required, Syngenta will recommend and provide the appropriate product for curative control as described in this Assurance Program.

To qualify for the Provaunt Insecticide Mole Cricket Assurance Program, purchases of Provaunt must be made between October 1, 2019 and June 1, 2020, and applied by July 1, 2020. A minimum of 35 acres must be treated to qualify for this Assurance Program.

Provaunt Insecticide Mole Cricket Assurance Program Apply two applications of Provaunt at 12 oz/acre or NEW Provaunt ® WDG at 18 oz/acre for early stage nymph control from May through June. • The first application should be made at peak egg hatch and/or when small nymphs are present as determined by a soap flush. This will vary by geography and timing can be checked with your local university extension department or turf entomology website. • The second application made 2–4 weeks later. • Provaunt is tank-mix compatible with grub control products including Acelepryn ® insecticide and Meridian ® insecticide. • Water in with 1 / 8 inch of water to obtain thorough, uniform coverage. • Best results achieved with early morning applications when leaf surface is wet.

Late May to June

May to Early June

Late April to May

Mid-April to Mid-May

Weather conditions and other variables may impact peak egg hatch in each geography. A general guideline for timing of the first application is as follows: 1. South Florida: mid-April to mid-May 2. North Florida: late April to May 3. Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas: May to early June 4. North Carolina, South Carolina: late May to June

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