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Provaunt Insecticide Mole Cricket Control Program Field Results

Real World Results 1 Houston, Texas—Peak Egg Hatch–2010

Provaunt vs. Topchoice for Mole Cricket Control Brandenburg, NC State University, 2013

Dr. Rick Brandenburg PR10-11-1112

1 Month After Treatment

2 Months After Treatment




















Houston, TX Site:

Wind Rose Golf Course

High Meadow Ranch Golf Course

Champions Golf Course

Augusta Pines Golf Course


Provaunt applied 10 and 24 Jul. Topchoice applied 10 Jul. Provaunt 30WDG (12 oz/a) Topchoice ® (2 lb/M) Untreated

Provaunt ® 30WDG applied at 12 oz and 12 oz (0.225 and 0.225 lb ai/A) sequential applications @ 2 week intervals starting at peak egg hatch. Tawny Mole Cricket, Scapteriscus vicinus Scudder Damage Rating based on the Cobb and Mack (1981) Method

Provaunt Provides 90 + Days of Control Data collected 100 days after rst application

2020 Provaunt Insecticide Mole Cricket Assurance Program Terms and Conditions To qualify for the 2020 Provaunt Insecticide Mole Cricket Assurance Program, purchases of Provaunt must be made between October 1, 2019 and June 1, 2020, and applied by July 1, 2020. A minimum of 35 acres must be treated to qualify for this Assurance Program. You must follow label guidelines regarding application rates and timing for your region in order to participate in the Assurance Program. In the event that you determine you have not achieved 80% control for 90 days and you have complied with the terms and conditions described in this Assurance Program, including following all label instructions, contact a Syngenta territory manager within 7 days of noted unsatisfactory performance (control less than 80% for 90 days). If Syngenta determines that additional treatment is needed, Syngenta will recommend and provide the appropriate product for curative control for those turf acres, excluding putting greens,that require additional control. Syngenta will not pay for the application or other costs associated with rescue treatment. Syngenta reserves the right to investigate each product performance complaint, to verify all purchases, or modify or discontinue this Assurance Program at any time without prior notice.

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

Provaunt Mar 16

Provaunt Mar 16 + 31

Provaunt Mar 16 + Apr 14

Provaunt Mar 31

Provaunt Apr 14

Provaunt 30WDG applied at 12 oz/acre. Data collected on June 24 (100 days after Mar 16 application). Brandenburg, Puerto Rico, 2014

1 Trials conducted using treatment rates and mixing partners commonly recommended in marketplace.

If you have questions about this Assurance Program, contact your local Syngenta territory manager, visitGreenTrust365.com or call toll-free 1-866-SYNGENTA.

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