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STOP WHAT’S BUGGING YOU Harrell’s season-long control solutions for greens and surrounds




Chipco® Choice Chipco® Choice is a phenylpyrazole insecticide that disrupts the central nervous system of pests so that they die of overstimulation. This product works by both contact and ingestion. Plus, it has long soil residual that withstands the frequent rainfall in the Southeast. TopChoice® TopChoice® insecticide provides single application control of fire ants and mole crickets for the entire season. Triple Crown Triple Crown is the singular solution that combines fast knockdown, lasting residual and broad spectrum pest control with multiple modes of action. Provaunt® European crane fly, annual bluegrass weevil, turf caterpillars (including armyworms, cutworms, and sod webworms) and mole crickets all pose a significant threat to turf. Provaunt® WDG insecticide controls all of these pests and more to protect your turf and landscape ornamentals. Acelepryn® Acelepryn® is more than just outstanding grub control. Acelepryn® also controls many key surface feeding pests including annual bluegrass weevils, billbugs and caterpillars, such as cutworms, armyworms and sod webworms. Arena® 50WDG Arena® works as both a preventive and a curative on a broad spectrum of nuisance pests, including chinch bugs, with a single application Meridian® Meridian® 25 WG insecticide provides foliar and systemic control of grubs and insects in turf. It has a wide application window and does not have to be watered in until up to 7 days after application. It is also effective on a wide range of ornamentals around golf courses, residential lawns and interiorscapes. The active ingredient, thiamethoxam, works both through insect ingestion and contact activity.

25 lbs/Acre

12 months

87 lbs/Acre

4 months

20-35 oz/Acre

2 - 4 months

2 apps 12 oz. 14 days apart

3 months

16 oz/Acre

6+ months

12.8 oz/Acre

2-4 months

3-4 months

12.7-17 oz/Acre

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