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Tropical Sod Webworm Preventative Assurance Program Are you ready to protect against damaging insects? Protect St. Augustinegrass and Zoysia lawns from Tropical Sod Webworm this season with Acelepryn ® insecticide. Syngenta is committed to the performance of its products that are used to manage Tropical Sod Webworm. If your Acelepryn application does not provide adequate control of this pest, and an additional re-treatment is required, Syngenta will recommend and provide the appropriate product for curative control as described in this Assurance Program. Acelepryn provides effective control of sod webworm larvae of all sizes, and prevents them from returning for 60 days after application. This protects you from expensive callbacks and customer dissatisfaction from pest outbreaks. To qualify for the Acelepryn Insecticide Tropical Sod Webworm Assurance Program, purchases of Acelepryn must be made between October 1, 2019 and September 1, 2020, and applied by October 1, 2020 (“Program Period”). Tropical Sod Webworm Preventative Assurance Program: Apply a preventative application of Acelepryn liquid insecticide at 4 oz per acre for Tropical Sod Webworm control from early April through October. Each 4 oz application will provide 60 days of control and applications may be repeated. This pest may have 3 to 4 generations per season. • Apply Acelepryn as part of a regular preventive program or when tropical sod webworm activity is first observed • Repeat applications can be made on 60-day intervals (the seasonal maximum for Acelepryn is 24 fl oz/acre) Here’s your assurance: • During the Program Period, follow the prescribed solution above for at least 90% control of Tropical Sod Webworms for 60 days. • If your St. Austinegrass or Zoysia turf on residential lawns is in the states of FL, GA, LA, or TX, and you receive less than 60 days control on the treated acreage as determined by Syngenta (“Breakthrough”), Syngenta will supply product (at no cost) for rescue treatment needed to control the remaining sod webworm in accordance with the terms herein. • If Breakthrough occurs, it is at the Syngenta Territory Manager’s discretion as to what product is provided for rescue treatment and whether rescue treatment application is broadcast on all acreage or spot treated on effected Breakthrough areas. • This Assurance is limited to providing you one recovery application, up to the total acres originally treated. • Claims must be filed by 60 days of treatment, with a Syngenta Territory Manager. • Apply in at least 2 gallons of water per 1000 sq ft • Allow the spray to dry before irrigation or rainfall • Irrigate prior to the next mowing with at least 0.1” of irrigation

Questions / Resources Your local Syngenta territory manager, GreenTrust365.com/Acelepryn 1-866-SYNGENTA entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/ORN/TURF/Tropical_sod_webworm.htm

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