2021 3rd Quarter Crime Report

Table of Contents

1 Understanding Crime Reporting

2 2021 3rd Quarter Crime Report

3 2021 3rd Quarter Crime Rate

4 Yearly Comparison

4 Crime Prevention Strategies and #FortWorthSafe

5 Crimes Against Persons

8 Crimes Against Property

10 Crimes Against Society

10 Gang Unit Report

13 Offenses By Council District

22 Directions Home Report

25 Major Cities Comparison

27 Department Initiatives

DISCLAIMER: This report provides a snapshot of the Fort Worth Police Department ’ s National Incident - Based Re- porting System (NIBRS) data that was queried from the Records Management System (RMS) on October 11, 2021. The Department ’ s RMS is updated regularly due to ongoing investigations. Since this is a snapshot, data queried before or after this date could change and may vary from other reports.

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