2021 3rd Quarter Crime Report

2021 Texas Star Award Department Initiatives

On September 10, Texas Governor Greg Abbott presented Officer Matt Brazeal with the Star of Texas Award for 2021. On June 13, Officer Brazeal was struck by a stolen car and was seriously injured. Officer Brazeal was released from a reha- bilitation center on September 11 and is making a quick recovery. The Star of Texas Award honors Texas peace officers, firefighters, emergency medical first responders, and federal law enforcement officers who were seriously injured or killed in the line of duty.

MedStar Life Saving Award

On August 3, FWPD Officers Kinman and Connor were recognized by MedStar Mobile Healthcare and received the Life Saving Award. On the evening of July 1, Officers Kinman and Connor treated the victim of a shooting and determined the victim was suffering life - threatening hemorrhage from both legs. Officers Kinman and Connor were quick to act and applied tourniquets to the victim ’ s legs successfully controlling the life - threatening injuries.

FWPAL Kids Basketball Clinic

On September 4, the Fort Worth Police Athletic League (FWPAL) partnered with FW Tough Stars Give Back, National Basketball Retired Players Association, and LVTRise to host a free kids basket- ball skills clinic. The basketball clinic was held at the LVTRise Community Center on the west side of Fort Worth near Western Hills Primary School. The kids learned new tips, tricks, and skills on the court.

Explorers Community Service

On September 18, the FWPD Explorers participated in the WE LOVE KIDS community service fundraiser for Shaken Baby Syndrome. The community service fundraiser event took place in the Stockyards. The FWPD Explorer Program is committed to developing life skills and career path of Fort Worth ’ s youth.

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2021 3rd Quarter Crime Report


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