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ARTour 2017 highlights local talents from across the region Auger-Boileau is often commissioned by local residents to paint personal demands for special occasions.


La 11e édition de L’ARTour de Prescott-Russell a eu lieu la fin de semaine dernière, le 30 septembre et le 1er octobre, dans 12 endroits différents de la région, allant de Hawkesbury à Alfred, Clarence-Rockland et Embrun. Seize talents locaux ont participé à l’évènement, ouvrant leurs portes aux nombreux visiteurs venus admirer, et même acheter leurspeintures, commeFrance Couillard de Casselman, qui préfère utiliser de la peinture acrylique. —photo Alexia Marsillo

The 11th edition of the Prescott-Russell ARTour took place last weekend, on Satur- day, September 30 and Sunday, October 1, from10 a.m. to 5 p.m., in 12 different loca- tions across the Prescott-Russell region, spanning fromHawkesbury, to Alfred, Cla- rence-Rockland and Embrun. Sixteen local talents partook throughout these locations, opening up their doors to local residents to admire, and even purchase their work. A 5 $ ARTour Pass’port was required to enter, which could be purchased at the first exhibition and was valid for all locations throughout the both days. Admittance was free for students, as ARTour has always en- couraged art studies – proceeds from the entrance fees are given as grants to students in Prescott-Russell who are pursuing their studies in any art-related program.The styles of each local artist differ fromoil painting, to acrylic, to ink and charcoal paintings. Some artists have participated in this event for many years, while others are new to the tour. Ghislaine J. Auger-Boileau has been painting since she was 13 years old; her showcased work in Clarence Creek was a combination of oil, pastel and charcoal pain- tings inspired mainly by animals and her own family. Auger-Boileau is particularly fascinated with wolves and scenes of nature. Her exhibition was comprised of work span- ning over several years, including a portfolio of paintings she had done as a young girl.

Across the region, Joyce Phil, a retired art history teacher who taught at Montreal’s Dawson College for 31 years, showcased her acrylic paintings outside her home in Hawkesbury. The inspiration for her work comes mostly from nature scenes around Prescott-Russell, Ottawa and certain parts of Quebec. “I don’t recreate nature, I reinvent it or re-imagine it,” she said. “If you want a realist piece of art, take a photograph.” In Casselman, two local artists, Monique Bergevin and France Couillard, shared the same space to showcase their work. Whereas this is the first ARTour Bergevin has parti- cipated in, Couillard has been involved for five years now and is even on the organizing committee. Bergevin, whose paintings are oil-based, plans on participating with the ARTour for years to come. Couillard had been a painting instructor for many years and she prefers acrylic paint, mainly due to the shorter amount of time it takes to dry in comparison to oil. Bergevin worked in human resources and adult education for most of her life and once retired rediscovered and reconnected with her passion for visual art and painting. She favours realism in her paintings, but has begun experimenting with abstract. On average, ARTour locations received approximately 1200 to 1300 visits in total throughout the weekend, which comes out to about 250 purchased ARTour Pass’ports.



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