Remove Water Stains From Wood We all know at least one person who makes a fuss about water rings on wood furniture — it may even be you! We also know at least one person who never bothers to use conveniently placed coasters. Now you no longer have to worry! With a little toothpaste, you can get rid of water rings any time they make an untimely appearance. Before you begin, make sure you use a paste toothpaste with a slight grit. Gel won’t work. Dab a small amount on the stain. It doesn’t require much — just enough to finely cover the ring. Then gently scrub the stain until it fades. Don’t apply too much pressure or work the stain for too long. Once it’s cleared, wipe the paste away with a clean cloth. Clean Mineral Buildup From a Shower Head When your shower head becomes covered in mineral buildup, you lose water pressure. It takes longer to shower, and you 3 QUICK TIPS TO MAKE CLEANING EASIER HOME HACKS 101

end up using more water than you otherwise would. To get rid of the buildup and restore your shower head, start by pouring distilled white vinegar into a sandwich bag. Add enough vinegar to completely submerge the shower head. Tie the bag off with a rubber band, and let it sit for at least one hour. Remove the bag, and give the shower head a quick scrub with a brush or abrasive cloth to clean off any leftover buildup, and rinse. Easily Remove Labels, Stickers, and Residue All too often, when you buy glassware, there’s a pesky sticker stuck to the bottom that refuses to come off. Or when it does finally peel off, it leaves behind a sticky residue. No more! Fill a sink, basin, or bucket with warm water, then gently mix in a scoop of OxiClean. Add your labeled or stickered items, and let them soak for 30–60 minutes. The labels or stickers will peel off with ease, if they haven’t already oated to the surface. This method can be easily scaled to fit the size of your job. This is great when you’re cleaning multiple items at once. For one-off jobs or to clean items that do not mix well with water, a product like Goo Gone is great, as well!

Pea Soup MINT

Adapted from mynewroots.org

With the beautiful spring weather, peas will soon be ripe enough to slip out of their pods. In honor of the season, this recipe pairs peas and pearl onions with mint to make a refreshing soup.


• • • •

3 pearl onions, diced 3 tablespoons olive oil

3/4 cup fresh mint, plus more for garnish 1 tablespoon agave nectar

6 cups fresh or frozen peas 5 cups vegetable stock

• • • •

Juice of 1 lemon

Salt to taste

Pistachios for garnish


1. Place pot on stove over medium heat. Add olive oil. Add onions and cook until translucent. 2. Add peas and stock. Cook until peas are just tender and

3. Put the mixture in a blender. As you blend, add mint, agave, lemon juice, and salt. 4. Once blended, pour into a bowl, garnish with mint and pistachios, and serve!




still bright green. Remove from stove and cool for 5 minutes.

This soup can be served hot or chilled.


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