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Sunny weekend weather brought resi- dents of Rockland and other areas out in droves to enjoy patio dining and other activities now that the provincial govern- ment has relaxed some of its pandemic restrictions on outdoor gatherings. The second restart effort of the provincial government began at midnight starting last Friday with patio dining once more allowed at all restaurants with the facilities to allow patrons to sit outside for meals while still observing social distancing guidelines. Children and adults were also able to enjoy a number of outdoor sports and plan activities on a limited scale as the pande- mic restrictions on outdoor gatherings were relaxed a bit. Family groups could enjoy trips to neighbourhood parks for soccer or baseball, or go to outdoor municipal pools or splash pads as long as they kept to them- selves and did not mingle with anyone else at the recreational sites. Skate parks, tennis courts, BMX parks, playgrounds and various other outdoor rec- reation sites are also open again for use for a limited number of participants. A complete list of such sites is available through the provincial government website. Social distancing guidelines still apply to individuals and family groups enjoying the use of these facilities. Provincial restrictions still remain in effect

Les repas en terrasse reviennent à Rockland au cours du week-end du 12 juin grâce à l’assouplissement de certaines restrictions pandémiques du gouvernement provincial sur les rassemblements en plein air. Tina Carrière (à gauche) et Christine Turgeon prennent un café en après-midi au Café Joyeux de Rockland. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

These facilities and others may reopen later in the year as the number of people vaccinated against COVID-19 increases and

for many indoor recreation facilities like the municipal pool at the Rockland YMCA, which is still closed to the public.

the provincial and federal governments moni- tor the state of the pandemic to ensure that active cases continue to decline.

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