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30 U nder 30

Dominic DiLeo, DiLeo Property Group; NAI DiLeo-Bram & Co. Vice President at DiLeo Property Group


My grandfather, 100%. When I was younger one of my favor- ite things to do was hang out in his office and meet the people he was working with. He was a developer, a banker, an insur- ance executive, he was involved in local politics, it seemed like he did everything. Being able to shadow him and watch him in action in my formative years really influencedme in wanting to work in this industry and in the Central Jersey area in particular. It’s pretty exciting to think that I’m now work- ing in the same office where I watched him work for all of those years. MAREJ

the brokerage work, definitely. But I majored in Journalism as an undergraduate in Rutgers, and at one point I wanted to be in sports media. I learned so much being on radio, doing play-by-play, really having to think on your feet. That’s helped a lot with meetings and presentations. But having the writing background has been crucial. Being able to convey your thoughts in writing, and being able to do so concisely and with some nuance has been invaluable to me in my career. Who do you feel was most influential in your life when choosing this profession?

hat is yourmost no- table project, deal or transaction?

Dominic DiLeo Vice President Years with company/firm: 1 year Years in field: 4 years Years in real estate industry: 11 years

My favorite project I’ve been a part of is our firm’s purchase of a building on Main Street in downtown Somerville, NJ. I had the opportunity to rep- resent DiLeo Property Group (“DPG”) as their attorney on the acquisition back when I was still actively practicing law with my old law firm, and then the transaction closed just in time for me to start managing the property as I transitioned to my current position at DPG. It’s been great to see the process from multiple angles – legal, brokerage, management, etc. – and I’m proud of what we’ve done to stabilize the asset. We’ve signed some great new tenants and really provided value to the firm, especially in a downtown area that is really starting to revitalize with covid restrictions loosening. What impact has social media / networking had on your career? The impact of social media is enormous. Not even just in terms of networking, but just staying in someone’s mind. Vis- ibility is everything if you are in a relationship-based industry. I’ve always thought that it was imperative to have some sort of social presence online, and now that we are coming into a post covid world in which so much was done virtually, I think a lot of people who were opposed to it are starting to come around to seeing its value and what it can do in terms of marketing yourself as a professional and as a service provider. Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in, about your current position and why you choose the field/ profession you are in today? My family has always been in the real estate industry, so I grew up around it. In col- lege, I worked as a property manager during my summers off. After my junior year of college, I earned my real es- tate license and worked as a salesperson. I went to Rutgers in New Brunswick, and always knew I wanted to be working in New Jersey in some form. I ended up going to Seton Hall Law in Newark, which really gave me a lot of new network- ing opportunities in the area. I earned my JD, passed the bar, and then clerked for judge in New Brunswick for a year. I

me, but I’ve always wanted to work in it. What unique qualities and or personality do you feel makes you most suc- cessful in your profession? The law background helps with lease negotiations and

went into private practice at a mid-sized firm in New Jersey doing redevelopment work for a few years until covid hit – and then decided it was time to come back and work with the family. I would say the real estate industry kind of chose

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