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IS YOUR LOWER BACK PAIN CAUSED BY SACROILIAC JOINT DYSFUNCTION? Are you living with sacroiliac joint dysfunction? This condition, also known as SI Dysfunction, is a painful sensation felt in the sacroiliac joint region, which is located at the bottom of the spine. A diagnosis for this condition means that the joints connecting the sacrum to the pelvis are moving improperly.This condition can result in pain in the lower back, buttocks, and/or legs. Inflammation of the joints in this region can also occur, referred to as sacroiliitis. If you think you may be experiencing the symptoms of sacroiliac joint dysfunction, don’t hesitate to contact Regional Physical Therapy today. We’ll help improve your normal mobility so you can get moving comfortably again! WHAT EXACTLY IS SACROI L IAC JOINT DYSFUNCTION? It is important to first understand the anatomy of the sacroiliac joint region before you can understand exactly what this condition is and how it is caused.

At the bottom of your spine, there is a small triangular bone known as the sacrum. It is located below the lumbar region of the spine and above the tailbone, and it consists of five fused vertebral segments. The sacrum is connected to the pelvic bone on both the left and right sides at the sacroiliac joints. So, what exactly do these joints do? Essentially, they act as shock absorbers. Because this is their main function, they are only meant to move small amounts. However, sometimes these joints begin to move too much or too little - that’s when SI Dysfunction occurs. When someone has hypermobility (too much mobility) in the joints, ligaments begin to loosen, which can cause issues with movement and protection to the bones. When someone has hypomobility (too little mobility) in the joints, they begin to overcompensate. This can cause problems in nearby joints, resulting in abnormal movements and pain. ( con t i nued i ns i de )

You Don’t Need A Prescription! In the state of Oklahoma you can seek physical therapy first, without a physician referral, to get the help you need quickly!

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