Matthew Clark Summer 2024

While it’s set to be a whopping summer of sport, with big events such as the Euros and Olympics taking centre stage, there’s plenty of other opportunities for venues to make the most of all the summer drinking occasions.

63% of customers visit the pub more often in the summer, rising to 75% for those aged between 18-34-years-old. Let our Summer 2024 guide inspire your drinks range. Read on to find out more about the latest trends and insights, along with delicious summer cocktail serves and fabulous food and wine pairings. Plus, we introduce you to Generation Wine , our new guide aimed at helping venues win over younger wine drinkers, who make up 50% of all money spent on wine in the on-trade.


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Introducing Generation Wine Spritz and Sip Wine Quiz Match Makers

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Generation Wine in the on-trade With society and technology changing faster than any other time in history, the gap between the life experiences of older people and their younger counterparts has never felt wider. To win them over in the on-trade, it’s important to consider their unique needs and what they are looking for when they visit your venue.

With fewer younger wine drinkers today than there were in previous decades, it’s never been more important to engage young people with wine to future proof the category. While Gen Z and Millennials only account for 26% of volume in on-trade wine sales, they make up 50% of all money spent on wine in the on-trade.

Spending time and money engaging these customers in your venue has better potential to return profit from wine than any other age group. With data-backed insights and actionable advice, Generation Wine is our guide to help venues across the UK win over the next generation of wine lovers.

We suggest: Introducing wine-centred events with a participatory element, like a wine cocktail masterclass or wine tasting and painting or pottery classes. Think about creating experiences that are visually appealing too, so that your younger customers will want to share it on social media.



Something special According to PROOF Insight, 75% of younger wine drinkers will go out of their way to seek the best quality wine that they can get within their budget. Wine drinkers under 40 are inclined to drink wine less often but will be more likely to trade up when they do. We suggest: Selecting wines that are suited to the occasions that young people enjoy. Such as a more premium Prosecco to enjoy before heading to a nightclub, or a Provence rosé in an elegant bottle that will stand out on the table during a girls’ night out.

What do young people want from their wine? 63% of young wine drinkers don’t class themselves as being ‘very confident’ when choosing wine in the on-trade and young wine drinkers tend to opt for approachable and familiar styles, with packaging that looks great in their photos for social media.

We suggest: Spotlighting your wines that are more approachable in style or that have some residual or fruit sweetness, like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or German Riesling. These will likely appeal to your younger customers over more intense wines.


We suggest: Including a wide range of styles on your wine list and calling out new and seasonal wines. A list that offers more than just the most familiar styles and regions will appeal to a younger audience. You may even encourage them to spend a little more to try something new and different.

Approachable styles We are more sensitive to taste factors when we’re younger and often have lower tolerance to potentially unpleasant sensations, like bitterness. This feeds into younger consumers’ preferences for wines as well, with data showing that they are more likely to purchase sweet wines with lower acidity and tannin.

The joy of experimentation 75% of Gen Z wine drinkers say they like to try new drinks, compared to just 47% of other age groups. Trying something new and discussing it with friends, in person or online, makes an occasion out of the everyday and creates a memorable experience without having to spend more to get it.



Bigger is better Younger wine drinkers are more likely to drink wine to celebrate special occasions and nothing shouts celebration more than a magnum of sparkling. Made for sharing and totally instagrammable. We suggest: Making sure any magnums really pop on your wine list. For additional drama, consider pouring by the glass sparkling or rosé from a magnum. It’s bound to entice customers to say; ‘I want what they are drinking!’.




Focus on the experience, giving them something they’ll be excited to share on social media and can’t recreate at home

Think about how the wines in your list tie into occasions that young people enjoy

Make sure your list offers lots of variation in style and consider introducing a rotating list of seasonal wines for a short time only


There’s nothing better than sharing a magnum with friends – consider sparkling and rosé magnums to help get the party started Consider wines with quirky, playful labels that are visually exciting ARGE FORMATS ACKAGING

Focus on styles that are approachable and appeal to younger palates

We suggest: Selecting wines for your list that have striking labels and bottle design. Try to keep some of the more stylish bottles somewhere visible, such as on or behind the bar, to catch your drinker’s eye and encourage curiosity.

Packed with style 41% of younger consumers say they can’t resist fancy packaging, compared to just 21% of other age groups. Offering wines with a playful, quirky label can command more attention for a younger generation of wine drinkers.



Gen Z wine lovers are more than twice as likely to actively seek out experiences that translate into great social media content (41%) compared to all other wine drinkers.

Get inspired with our summer cocktail serves!

Want to appeal to the younger generation?

75% of younger wine drinkers say they like to try new things when buying drinks.

Feed their desire for new things and give them the opportunity to experiment with a range of tasty wine-based cocktails.



Top Tip: Draw attention to your

non-alcoholic sips by highlighting them on your menu, both in the cocktail and softs section. Share them on social media and don’t forget to encourage your staff to

recommend these tasty alternatives to alcoholic cocktails.

1 in 3 customers are moderating their alcohol intake. As consumers are becoming more health conscious, we’re seeing people drinking less alcohol. However while we know that consumers may be drinking less, they are still willing to spend more on a really tasty non alcoholic drink. With its uplifting elixir of vitamins, minerals and botanicals, Wild Life Botanicals is an award-winning refreshing, dry, and sophisticated ultra-low alcohol sparkling wine.

Wine-based cocktails and spritzes are a great way to engage with the younger crowds during summer, with a quarter of 18–34-year-olds describing them as appealing.



Rosé Always popular amongst wine drinkers, but even more so in the summer, a glass of ros é is the perfect sunny day treat. According to market research, rosé attracts consumers of all profiles, with women, younger people and city dwellers more likely than average to choose rosé over other wines.

Orange Wine Orange wine is an increasingly popular choice among wine drinkers looking for a new taste adventure. Made from white grapes fermented with their skins, orange wine offers a unique flavour profile that combines the tannic intensity of red wine with the refreshing crispness of white wine, offering a captivating sensory experience. Adding orange wine cocktails to your list is a great way to introduce customers to this unique style of wine. The Gérard Bertrand Orange Gold Negroni is a twist on the classic cocktail, made by blending complex, bitter flavours with a balanced

Gerard Bertrand Orange Gold Occitaine France

Orange Gold is amber-gold organic wine that reflects the vibrancy, dynamism, minerality and freshness of the South of France.

Young wine drinkers are twice as likely to say they trust wines associated with celebrities than other age groups.

Gérard Bertrand Hampton Water Rosé Languedoc France

Rock legend, Jon Bon Jovi, and his son Jesse have teamed up with winemaker, Gérard Bertrand , to create the fresh and easy-to-drink Hampton Water Rosé. Perfect for customers to enjoy with friends in the summer sun, this rosé also works well in a range of cocktails. For the ultimate refresher, serve a Hampton Water Frosé!

combination of gin, dry vermouth and, of course, Orange Gold.

Top Tip: cocktails are a treat! Remind customers that special occasions don’t need to be rare – encourage them to celebrate the smaller moments.



Sang ria Summer is a season of fun! With longer days and warmer nights, it’s no wonder that big crowds head out to their favourite pubs and bars to bask in the sunshine. Help make your bartenders’ jobs a little easier by bringing in some serves that can be made in bulk or ahead of time to make service as smooth as possible. Sangria is guaranteed to make it feel like summer, no matter the weather, so why not try out Jam Shed’s Jamgria ? This slightly sweeter version of Spain’s iconic Sangria is a fun twist on the classic that’s sure to delight your customers.

72% of Gen Z say their number one value is to have fun.

Premium spirits increased their share of sales to 27.4% in 2023.

42% of customers are willing to spend more on a drink made with more premium ingredients.

Top Tip: Serve your Jamgria in a mason jar for an added element of fun!



St-Germain Hugo Spritz 40 ml St-Germain 60 ml dry sparkling wine 60 ml soda water Mint leaves Wedge of lime

Tanqueray Tiny Ten 35 ml Tanqueray Ten 15 ml grapefruit syrup 10 ml fresh grapefruit juice 50 ml sparkling wine Grapefruit slice Add grapefruit syrup, Tanqueray Ten , and fresh grapefruit juice to a shaker with ice and stir.

Add St-Germain , sparkling wine and soda water to a high ball glass filled with cubed ice. Garnish with mint leaves and a lime.

Strain into a coupette glass. Top with sparkling wine and garnish with grapefruit.

Cîroc Sparkle 50 ml Cîroc Blue Dot

Casamigos Tommy’s Margarita 50 ml Casamigos Blanco 10 ml agave syrup 25 ml fresh lime juice Wedge of lime

15 ml elderflower cordial Champagne or prosecco 3 frozen grapes Lightly shake Cîroc Blue Dot and elderflower cordial together. Fine strain into your glass and top with your choice of sparkling wine, pouring over the back of a spoon or down the length of a bar spoon. Garnish with 3 frozen grapes.

Add Casamigos Blanco , agave syrup and lime juice to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and pour over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.



1. What type of atmosphere does your venue have?

A. Trendy and modern B. Casual and laid-back C. Vibrant and energetic

2. Which of these is your typical customer? A. Mostly students and young professionals B. Varied - we have all different types of people joining us regularly C. We attract a more mature crowd


Take our wine quiz to discover which wines could be a top serve for your younger wine drinkers!

3. How active is your venue on social media? A. Extremely active - we post daily and use it to connect with our customers B. We post occasionally but don’t engage with our online audience C. We don’t use social media, it’s not a priority for us

4. What kind of events or activities does your venue host? A. DJ nights, themed parties, or special events B. Trivia nights, open mic, or happy hours C. Live music, karaoke, or outdoor gatherings



Results Mostly A’s: Consider offering wines such as Prosecco and Rosé, or fruity reds like Gamay or Grenache to appeal to younger drinkers who enjoy lighter, easy-drinking options. We suggest: Lion & The Lily Rosé Da Luca Prosecco Rosé

5. Does food play a big role in what your venue offers? A. No. We are a wet-led venue B. We do serve food but it’s not a big focus C. Yes. Dining sits at the heart of our business

6. What is your preferred price range for wine aimed at younger drinkers?

Fantinel Prosecco Extra Dry Amandla Pinotage Malbec

A. Affordable - less than £25 B. Mid-range - between £26 - £39 C. Premium - £40 or more

Mostly B’s: Include crowd-pleasers such as Pinot Grigio, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc, or blends with a hint of sweetness to cater to the varied tastes of young adults who prefer approachable wines with a touch of complexity. We suggest: Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio Yealands Estate Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 14 Hands Chardonnay Catena Malbec

7. Does your wine list feature trendy or experimental wines? A. No - we stick to the popular choices B. We offer both the popular choices and more experimental styles C. Absolutely - all our wines are trending or experimental

Mostly C’s: Showcase bold and trending choices such as Riesling, Zinfandel and Cabernet Franc, or unique varietals from emerging wine regions to attract adventurous young drinkers who want to try something new and who are willing to experiment. Offer these wines by the glass. We suggest: Gérard Bertrand Orange Gold Paco & Lola Albariño Roots by Wilhelm Weil Riesling Enrico Serafino Barolo

8. What styles of wine do your younger customers tend to go for? A. They prefer lighter, fruit-forward wines B. They enjoy a mix but lean towards wines with a hint of sweetness C. They appreciate bold, adventurous flavours




MAKERS We’re back with more delicious summer dishes searching for their perfect match.

As spring turns to summer, lighter food menus will be launching across the nation. Lighter dishes require a different approach to wine pairing, with a focus on freshness over richness. A crisp white, chilled summer red, fruit-forward rosé or a sparkling Prosecco or Champagne could be the answer. Highlighting wine pairings on your menu can help wine drinkers make a simple and informed decision, and by the glass pairings can encourage experimentation and nudge customers to trade up to something more premium. Pick wines that your staff know and like so they’ll be confident in making the perfect recommendation for any meal.



Who can resist a sunny weekend brunch?

Which drink will make this meal’s perfect partner? Bottega Rosé Gold Prosecco Prosecco is a brunch favourite, and for good reason. A delicately pink sparkling Pinot Noir rosé, containing flavours of juicy red berries, currants and rose petals, this wine will hold up well against a deliciously buttery sauce and add a sense of occasion to any morning dish.

“I’m a brunch classic”

“I’m bright, fresh and alcohol free”

Bottega Zero (Non-Alcoholic) For prosecco lovers who prefer to avoid alcohol early in the day, Bottega Zero is a great option with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

“I’m full of flavour, and non-alcohol”

Enhance your customers brunch affair with an optional wine pairing, perfectly curated to enhance the lazy dining occasion.

Wild Life Botanicals Sparkling Nude (Non-Alcoholic) For something special without the alcohol, suggest this non-alcoholic sparkling wine from Wild Life Botanicals. Dry with delicate bubbles, this vibrant sparkling drink has aromas of gooseberry and a citrus buzz on the finish, which will help bring out the slight acidity in the sauce while balancing the creamy richness.



While it’s a year-round favourite, there’s something about fish and chips that recalls lazy summer days by the seaside. Even with the abundance of batter, it is important to choose a drink that won’t overpower the more delicate fish flavours and will hold up well against your customers, chosen condiments, be they creamy or malty. No trip to the seaside is complete without this British staple!

Flagstone Noon Gun Chenin Blanc Sauvignon Blanc Viognier This aromatic white blend delivers intense tropical fruit, orange peel and a sprinkling of baking spice along with plenty of acidity to balance the deep-fried goodness of classic fish and chips.

“I’m fruity and spicy”

“I’m made for seafood”

Yealands Estate Single Vineyard Albariño Albariño is classically grown in Northern Spain and is simply made to pair with seafood of all kinds. This New Zealand expression is lively with layers of yellow plum, lime blossom, sea spray and a lingering minerality.

Taittinger Brut Vintage There is something delightfully decadent about pairing an iconic champagne like Taittinger with the humble fish and chips. With citrus blossom and roasted almonds on the palate, this vintage brut has a long saline finish that complements a briny white fish with enough body to avoid being overpowered by the batter.

“I’m balanced

and complex”

“I’m as zesty as they come”

Silver Reign Brut For those feeling extra patriotic, this moreish English sparkling will pair beautifully with what is perhaps the most British meal ever. Made using the Charmat method, Silver Reign Brut is filled with citrus, fresh pear and cut green apple flavours.



Perfect for cooking on a BBQ as customers enjoy dining al fresco.

Borgo Tesis Sauvignon Blanc An Italian sauvignon blanc with aromas of yellow pepper and lime blossom, this wine has the zesty acidity to elevate a lighter citrus-based dressing and is the perfect refreshing drop for your customers to enjoy alongside a light lunch in the beer garden.

“I’m perfect with

citrus marinades”

“I’m just full of character”

Light and zesty or sweet and tangy, marinated chicken skewers are a summer staple. Your wine recommendations will need to be light enough to not to overpower the subtler white meat, but full flavoured enough to stand up against flavourful dressings. Check out the eligible drinks looking to take this dish to the next level.

“Roots” by Wilhelm Weil Riesling Acidity, natural sweetness and a rich characterful palate is characteristic of Wilhelm Weil rieslings. This modern and appealing wine is perfect for chicken and will best suit delicately sweet dressings.

Lion & the Lily Rosé This bright, clear rosé has a bouquet of fresh fruits and a long crisp finish which perfectly balances richer cuts of chicken. It’s ideal for marinades that include a fruity element, like pineapple or plum, and a touch of sweetness.

“I’ll bring a bouquet of fresh fruit”

“Red wine and chicken can really work”

Moderne Allegorie Peloponnese Agiorgitiko

Red wine isn’t always the first thing we think of for chicken, but this plush and elegant Greek wine would be ideal for dishes that come with flavourful or smoky marinates, like BBQ or jerk sauces. Full of intense dark fruit flavours, it has an elegance and freshness that makes it appealing even when the weather turns warmer.



Chateau d’Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé

Who can resist a sweet treat?

When matching wine and food, it’s sometimes about contrast and sometimes about pairing like with like. This pretty blush rosé has plenty of redcurrant and berry flavour to accentuate this berry heavy dish, alongside subtle spice and a surprisingly herbal character towards the finish. In short, this wine is summer in a glass.

“I’m summer in a glass”

When it comes to Summer Pudding, the clue is in the name. This simple dish is a true celebration of the berries that ripen throughout the warmer months. Sweet and tart in equal measures, it can be surprisingly difficult to pair with wines as traditional dessert wines would overpower the more delicate berry flavours. Never fear! We are here to help you give this dish it’s day in the sun with unbeatable pairings that your customers will love.

“I’m deliciously


Il Vino Dell’Amore Petalo Moscato For a sweet wine pairing you may want to recommend a moscato that balances fruit and honey sweetness with a spritzy finish. Fragrant and floral, this Italian expression is refreshing enough for your customers to enjoy on the terrace as they round out their meal with a luscious berry dessert.

“I’m zesty and bright”

Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Riesling This Washington State wine is a beautiful expression of riesling that is perfect served chilled when the weather turns scorching. Dry and crisp with characteristic citrus flavours, this riesling will complement a berry forward dish in the same way a squeeze of lemon can enhance the natural flavours of the fruit.



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