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Though people are always asking me why I became an attorney, I find it difficult to come up with a satisfactory answer — really, it’s just something I’ve wanted to do for nearly as long as I can remember. But as someone who’s had her mind set on the law since she was young, it’s a true passion that drives a huge Why Every Case Matters

part of my life. I just love working with our wonderful clients, advocating for these individuals who are going through an incredibly difficult time and providing guidance to see them through. So many people call us wondering if their injury matters, if it’s of a caliber that would even warrant us to take the case. These people downplay the damage that’s been done to their lives, ignoring nagging pain or even a physical inability to do something they love. But every injury matters, regardless of how minor you think it is. This is especially true if the injury was inflicted due to another person’s carelessness. You may think your pain is small when compared to an unexpected death or a paralyzing accident, but almost always, there’s something we can do to help you.

“ Every day, I get to truly make a difference in the lives of people who need our help. ”

been offered. She was thrilled. Not only had we avoided the long process of litigation, but we’d secured plenty of compensation so she could seek the treatment she needed and get back to her normal life without worry. Before I came to Driggs, Bills & Day, I worked in insurance for about 10 years. So I’m well-acquainted with all the strategies and philosophies behind the offers they make, the investigations they do, and their concerns and fears. And while I don’t necessarily think their goal is to trick their clients out of the money

I remember one such case when a client came into my office, reluctant to meet with me. Though she definitely had a serious injury and hadn’t been getting anywhere with the insurance company, she was worried about taking any sort of legal action. Understandably, she was concerned that it would simply drag out the process, resulting in litigation that could take years to resolve. For her, the future was all doom and gloom, and it took a lot of convincing that it could be otherwise. I assured her that no matter what course we took, the case was still firmly in her hands — we wouldn’t move forward without her full consent.

they deserve, I know from my time on both sides that in the process of avoiding insurance fraud, tons of regular injured people, who are trying to secure the funds they need to move on with their lives, get overlooked. That’s where we come in, ensuring that every valid claim gets the attention it deserves. Every day, I get to truly make a difference in the lives of people who need our help. I may not be able to explain why I became a lawyer, but I can tell you with certainty that I can’t imagine a career that could possibly mean more to me. –Ashley Wilson

In the end, she agreed to have us file a complaint against the insurance company, resulting in an offer from them for 10 times the $10,000 she’d initially

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