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MAKE A 4-LEAF CLOVER KEEPSAKE But Find the Elusive Good-Luck Charm First

One of St. Patrick’s Day’s most popular symbols is a four-leaf clover. In Ireland, these clovers represent luck and good fortune. Each leaf on the clover has a different meaning— faith, hope, love, and success. It’s a tradition to find a four-leaf clover on St. Patrick’s Day and do activities involving this lucky leaf. So, how do you find these good-luck charms, and what can you do with them?

will jump out at you. If you find one, keep looking! There’s a chance another one might be nearby.

Clover Craft

Once you find your clover, preserve the luck in it all year by placing it in a picture frame. First, gently press the clover leaves between the pages of a large book for several days to flatten them out. After pressing, you can add green food coloring to your clover to enhance its color. Once it’s dry, clean it and let it sit overnight. Then, place your clover onto acid-free paper, cut to fit the size of a picture frame of your choice. Next, use acid-free glue to keep your clover in place, and finally, seal your frame shut. You now have your personal good luck charm! Searching for a four-leaf clover and creating a keepsake will be a great bonding experience for you and your family. We wish you luck! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

How to Find a 4-Leaf Clover Although it may seem difficult, it’s easier than you might think. First, find a dense patch of white clover — near it is where four-leaf clovers reside. They are different from the rest and are often smaller, so keep that in mind when you look for the lucky green clovers. Instead of staring at the patch in close detail and counting leaves, search the patch without focusing on the tiny details. This increases the odds of eyeing a four-leaf clover because the different patterns, shapes, and sizes of these clovers | Pg. 4

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