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Cater to Your Body’s Hydration Needs WATER WOES?

Other than being a medical expert on detoxifying the junk out of your body, I also have a personal connection to the health benefits of proper hydration. I only have one kidney because I donated the other, and this makes my body’s filtration process extremely sensitive.

There are some health and wellness tips people hold strong to— regardless of the contrary evidence we find. Folklore and old wives’ tales are just ingrained in our culture. Drinking orange juice to stave off a cold is one example, while some swear you will get arthritis if you crack your knuckles. And I can guarantee that you have heard people advise you to drink eight glasses of water every day to stay hydrated and healthy. While this isn’t bad advice, it’s not completely accurate. Drinking eight glasses of water is great, but every person is different. At The Livewell Clinic, for example, we suggest our patients drink half their weight in ounces every day. Because setting the bar at eight glasses is limiting to the unique needs of each person. Proper hydration can be one of the most important pieces to keep you on the right track with your overall health and wellness. Being dehydrated can make meeting weight loss goals more difficult, contribute to worsening conditions of chronic diseases, and keep toxins and carcinogens trapped in your body. Dehydration leaves your body stuck. If you don’t have a way to eliminate the garbage in your body, you’re not going to get better. Drinking water is a super power we can all utilize. But as vital as water is to our overall health, it’s really quite bland. Gulping down copious amounts of water on a daily basis becomes old very quickly, and this is often when people indulge in sodas, coffees, and alcohol. I’ll admit that if I go out to eat, I may drink an occasional glass of wine. (I am human, after all.) But I also frequently ask the server if I can have a mineral water with lemon and lime. The citrus additions boost the flavor of the water and make it a fun beverage. More importantly, drinking mineral water gives me all the detoxifying benefits of water with the added power of vitamins and minerals.

This means I have to be more mindful of what I put in my body. Because of this, I adhere to specific herbal formulas to eliminate excess waste my one kidney cannot filter out on its own. In addition to this herbal formula, I have to remember how diuretics I introduce to my body on a daily basis impact my hydration. For example, drinking coffee and alcohol can quickly dehydrate you, but mineral water — and even small amounts of sparkling water — can give your body a boost in hydration with a fun twist. A combination of the two also works great! I often opt for a mineral water with lemon juice, Himalayan salt, potassium, magnesium, and stevia. This creates a sports-type drink mixture without all the garbage that’s typically loaded into these drinks. Hydration doesn’t have to be boring to be effective, and it’s important to remember that what’s great for someone isn’t necessarily designed for you. Once you find the right way to keep your body hydrated, you will notice a difference. I encourage you to see how we can help you meet your hydration goals. Learn more tips and tricks inside this month’s newsletter.


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