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MARCH 2018


A T I M E FOR CHANGE We’re always looking for new ways to wow our patients. When I launched this newsletter a year ago, the goal was simple — I wanted to keep in touch! This way, I could let you know what was going on with me and my family, as well as the Super Team and the clinic. Over time, I received some great feedback from you, our readers. That’s why I’m happy to present you with The Physical Therapy Doctor’s new and improved newsletter! We’ve stepped up our efforts to give you quality content. Inside, you’ll find great advice on exercise, recipes, events here at the clinic, and much more! But don’t let the new look fool you. This is still very much our newsletter. I’ll be keeping in touch with you monthly right here on the cover.

New Look, Same Great Newsletter

As this time of year reminds us, things must change in order to flourish. The onset of spring seemed to be the perfect time to launch this newsletter. As

green shoots return to the trees and nature renews herself, we too are revitalizing our personal connection with you. In a lot of ways, this represents a return to my roots.

“As green shoots return to the trees and nature renews herself, we too are revitalizing our personal connection with you.”

One-on-one conversations are what I miss most about my early career. As a young therapist 14 years ago, it was easy to build those meaningful friendships with clients. I’m

In my day, we had pickup games in the school yard. It was scrappy and disorganized and no referees. If you wanted to play better or play at all, then you had to beat the older kids to stay on the court. When we did play in CYO or

happy with the way my practice has grown, since we get to help more people than ever before. But part of me will always be nostalgic for those heady days of practicing on my own. That’s why I want this to be a dialogue. Even though I may not work with you directly, I want my patients to know they can always reach out for a chat. I’d love to know how you and your loved ones are doing and how your therapy is progressing. Your success stories never fail to energize me. I have a feeling I’ll need it this month! March is always hectic at the Morea household. The boys’ basketball and soccer leagues will be starting up soon, and I’ll be driving them up and down town all month. Getting a chance to play on a traveling team is a great experience for them. It’s all very organized and official — nothing like when I was a kid.

PAL leagues, I remember the uniforms being washed at the end of the season and passed on to next year’s players. But at least we didn’t have to travel so much to find good competition — the older players were more than enough to handle. Sometimes, if you lost, you had to wait an hour to get into another game! That made us play harder so we could keep in, and not have to sit out. It was a lot of fun though, and good memories for me. As the weather gets a little warmer, the staff and I will be on the lookout for potential walkathons to get involved in. We always love supporting our local charities, and participating in one of these walks is the ideal way to do some good and enjoy the spring weather. If you’d like to get involved, keep an eye on this space. We’d love to have you out walking with us!

Here’s to a great spring!

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