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June 2018

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The Road Ahead

G raduations have been taking place over the past several weeks. Across the country, at schools large and small, well-worn nuggets of wisdom are being shared with graduates, a common one being, “You have your whole life ahead of you.” While this is true for the graduates, wouldn’t we, from the vantage point of being several decades older, also caution how quickly the time flies? Given my activity in the Medicare realm, some of my favorite people are 64-year-olds. My desire is to assist them with the transition from no health care coverage or often expensive coverage to the benefits accorded by Medicare. Some are just delighted to get their Medicare and see their health care coverage increase while costs go down. Others are more disturbed by the fact that they’re turning 65, with comments ranging from “How did this happen?” to “I didn’t plan on this happening so soon.” When I sold my first Medicare supplement policy in 2003, I never thought of Medicare in relation to me. Now the age of 65 and Medicare are quickly growing larger in my windshield. How fast time flies! Almost without realizing it, we transition from having our entire lives ahead of us to making the most of the years we have left. I have written often about my parents and the blessing they are to my family and me. As Mom’s Parkinson’s disease gains ground, each time I talk with her on the phone is

more precious than the last. In late April, things weren’t looking good, so as soon as we were able to, my family and I took the opportunity to travel to South Dakota for a visit in May. We had a wonderful time with Mom, Dad, my brother, and his family. Mom was stronger and was herself again. We enjoyed meals with 11 at the table together and many conversations about things that happened long ago and more recently. Nonetheless, our conversations included “long-term care policy elimination days” and “hospice.” These are difficult words that represent realities we would rather not think about. Years ago, when we planned and insured for these days, they seemed so far away, and now here they are. What a joy it is to have the time together. Mom and I read 2 Corinthians chapters 4 and 5 together, verses that give such comfort and assurance. The visiting nurses are such sweethearts; we’re so glad they’ve become a part of her life. Mom’s primary caregivers are Dad and my sister-in-law, Selena. They are simply the best. Some of my clients have traveled this difficult road ahead of me. Advice is welcome. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

Here’s the family last month.

–Lyn Thomas


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