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May 2018


Drops of Wisdom Thank You, Mom

he’d come outside to find the tires and hubcaps missing from his car. But Mom is able to read people better than anyone I know. Pop-pop never did have to get new tires after Mom married my dad. Throughout my childhood, I can clearly remember how much of an impact my mom had on my life. She was loving, kind, and happy to teach me about the world. I got my love of reading from my mom. When I was in elementary school, the public library was right across the street. My mom would walk me over there after school, and we’d come out with big stacks of books in our arms.

the rest for yourself.” I’m pretty sure this is why she would never let me win at board games — a scar I carry with me to this day. (Just kidding, Mom.) In addition to her support, my mom also offers endless patience. I didn’t go to law school until I was 31. It took me a little longer to find myself. But all the while, my mom supported me, like she has for my entire life. She never judged me for the time it took to find my own way, and I am truly grateful for that. There are so many things I could say about my mom, but the one thing I don’t say nearly enough is “thanks.”

This month, I want to celebrate Mother’s Day and shine a spotlight on all the wonderful moms in the world. My mom is the best mom of all time. My mom grew up in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, in the 1950s. This was “old-school Baltimore,” as she liked to say. Mom comes from a family of lawyers, and being around her side of the family was actually my first introduction to law. Despite all these positive influences, or perhaps because of them, my mom had a thing for bad boys. Needless to say, my Pop-pop was not a big fan of my dad. He told me once that he worried

“There are so many things I could say about my mom, but the one thing I don’t say nearly enough is ‘thanks.’”

She’s also an incredibly self-sufficient person. When I was old enough to come home alone after school, my mom went back to work to help support our family. She is dedicated to the family unit and seeing us succeed, but she wasn’t a helicopter parent who needed to control everything. My mom is the sort of intelligent person who is ready to drop some wisdom, but her parenting motto is, “I’ve given you the tools you need for success; you can do

Thank you, Mom, for everything you have done for me. I could not be who or where I am today without you.

I love you.

-David Brauns


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