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EGIDE to showcase 100G to 400G packages

M2 patents fibre optic cable adapter

EGIDEwill use this year’s ECOC to introduce a new series of packages dedicated to 100Gb/s and 400Gb/s applications. The family of TOSA and ROSA are compliant with OIF and CFP standards. RF performance of the ceramic transitions is above 40 GHz and ideal for current 100G, 200G and 400G transceivers. The interface covers 4x32Gbps up to 8x56Gbps.

M2 Optics Inc has been awarded a patent (9,696,512) by the United States Patent and Trademark Oce (USPTO) for a specially designed fibre optic cable feedthrough. The purpose of the patented FT adaptor is to allow a fibre optic cable to pass through a variety of panel types, such as a device enclosure, without requiring an additional connection point on the panel itself. The traditional practice of connecting an external cable to a device has been to use a panel-mounted adaptor that simply allows for a common mating point between both the internal and external cables. As a better solution, M2 designed the FT adaptor in a footprint that matches commonly used fibre optic industry connector mounts, such as the popular SC cutout, to limit the need for panel modifications.

The company also plan to present a range of 100Gb/s to 400Gb/s µICR & IC-TROSA solutions. RF design has been optimised to provide high performance transitions from internal ICs to the user PCB. Using internal ceramic technology mastering, the company are able to oer standard and customized solutions for a range of innovative optical packages.

EGIDE will also showcase a complete portfolio of modulator, laser, pump and WSS packages for AON.

Gamm-Bud announces update to Blue Dragon Jet Gamm-Bud have recently announced an update to its Blue Dragon Jet range of blowing machines, with the launch of the Blue Dragon Jet Budget and Blue Dragon Jet Brain. Blue Dragon Jet Budget is designed to blow FTTH micro cables in a diameter range of length of blown cable, blowing speed, ambient temperature, relative humidity and GPS location. The product allows users to create protocols and graphs, and save work as a PDF file. Products are not manufacturer restricted and are compatible with other manufacturer devices. enough power to inject cables up to a distance

of 2.5km. The set includes a hydraulic unit and connection hoses. Blue Dragon Jet Multi Tube blower is designed to

The most powerful blowing machines in the company’s range, Blue Dragon Jet Hydro Chain and Blue Dragon Multi Tube, come equipped with hydraulic motors and are recommended for heavier work requiring large pushing cable force. Blue Dragon Jet Hydro Chain is designed for blowing cables with a diameter ranging from 6mm to 15mm into ducts with a diameter of 32, 40 and 50mm. The hydraulic engine provides

0.5mm to 8.0mm, servicing micro ducts from 5mm to 16mm and is able to quickly adapt through a range of dierent diameters, cables and micro ducts. The device does not operate using its own engine, but can be powered by a cordless screwdriver. Dragon Brain is able to record across wide a range of parameters, such as pressure in the duct, pneumatic pressure on engines, the

blow micro tube packages into casing tubes. It comes equipped with hydraulic motors, micro tube feeder on roller chains with rubber or aluminum overlays.

Rover launches “nonstop optical switch”

Remote (through the network management system) and Manual (using the keys on the front panel or remotely). The optical power range of the RO-S, is between -8 dBm to +12 dBm with a typical internal loss of < 1 dB.

Rover Instruments have announced the launch of the ROS-2, an optical switch the company says “guarantees a nonstop H24 operation service.”

The switch has two inputs and one optical output. Users are able to select the best input signal in three operation modes: Automatic (pre-set locally in the switch), Automatic


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