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Jonard introduces FCT-100 fibre connector

OptoSpin reduces cost for opto-electronic device packaging and testing o

Jonard Tools recently unveiled the FCT-100, a fibre connector tool designed to work with a wide range of connector types, including LC, MT-RJ, MU, SC-simplex and SC-duplex. The spring-loaded tool provides a comfortable grip, allowing for easy operation and weighs just 1.13lbs. Jonard Tools Managing Director of European Operations, Ger Segers, said the tool was “perfect for inserting and extracting fibre connectors in high density patch panels.”

Sticklers showcases full range of fibre cleaning products

Attendees of this year’s ECOC will be able to see Sticklers’ full fibre cleaning range, including the refillable click-to-clean CleanClicker, providing over 750 cleans for MU,LC,SC,FC,ST and E2000 connectors and the CleanClicker MPO providing over 500 cleans for the fast- growing MPO connector series. The product line also includes a full selection of high-purity CleanWipes for cleaning jumpers and fibre sidewall before splices; the unique color-coded CleanStixx connector clean sticks; the non-flammable Sticklers Fibre Optic Splice & Connector Cleaning fluid; and an optics-grade aerosol duster. All products

Reducing packaging and testing cost is a major requirement of device manufacturers. The goal is maximum throughput and yield. OptoSpin, from nanosystec, brings an additional level of throughput to optoelectronic device packaging. The new development reduces active alignment times to a fraction of usual processes, while maintaining a high accuracy. The absence of friction and other mechanical movements is an advantageous feature besides its rigidity and low mass moment of inertia. The resolution in the sub micrometer regime allows for highest coupling eciency. The integration of OptoSpin into a NanoWeld coaxial alignment and laser welding system leads to unparalleled performance with minimum weld shift and seam welding capability for coaxial devices. The station handles optical and opto- electronical elements like fibere, receptacles, lenses, diode lasers, VCSELs and photo diodes. NanoWeld is capable of further automation for loading and unloading. The parts are stored in trays or magazines and will be processed subsequently. The integration of stop-motion conveyor belts permits a fully automated process chain. nanosystec also provide OptoSpin in their NanoTest stations for fast electrical and optical testing of silicon photonics wafers as well as in their alignment and gluing stations.

Electrostatic Charges (ESC) that attract light clogging dust to the fibre end face. The products can be used to remove oils, haze, dust, particulate and moisture from fibre termini both in and out of alignment mating sleeves. All Sticklers Fibre Optic Cleaners are also available in convenient kits. Rugged orange carrying bags are designed to clean any connector, any size and any configuration on production assembly lines, laboratory R&D facilities, data centres, as well as maintenance and field-service repairs applications. The new plastic, air-tight

CleanWipes box keeps wipes clean and dry. Each box cleans up to 640 connector end-faces.

are engineered for high performance cleaning and to eliminate


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