Altitude Physical Therapy January 2019

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BE CONSISTENT The new year might be the traditional time to get back into shape, but you’re going to have the most success with your workouts if you stick with them each week, even after the New Year’s excitement wears off. Being consistent will help you maintain your health and stay at peak performance. Even as you’re starting a new program, continue to do the exercises you learned in physical therapy. They are going to help you stay healthy and injury- free. If you are hurting and can’t continue with your workouts because of it, give your trusty local PT at Altitude a call. We’ll help you work through it. Know that you’re not alone in working toward self- improvement. Here at Altitude PT, we are finding ways to get even better at what we do. We want to make PT more accessible for our patients and community in 2019. We’ll be carrying this goal out with even more workshops this year, like the shoulder workshop we’re hosting on Jan. 18. It’s our commitment to share our knowledge and help you continue your progress long after you leave our clinics. Here’s to making these goals come true! –Sean Weatherston

Happy New Year’s! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones. We had an awesome time with family, and we’re heading into 2019 full of those good feelings. Have you made any resolutions this year? If so, go after them. If the new year motivates you to make a fresh start, act on that inspiration and make a plan for how you’ll get there. Be specific about your intentions, and share them with someone to help you stay accountable. When people share their resolutions with others who believe in them, they are more likely to achieve their ambitions. Working with a family member or friend is helpful and usually more fun than working alone. When one of you is having a bad day, the other is there for support. As you’re getting back into an activity or starting a new one, remember that it takes time to achieve anything worthwhile. Set yourself up for success by keeping a few additional tips in mind. BE REASONABLE You want to improve your fitness, and that’s a significant step to take for your health and well-being. But you can’t overcome several

months — or years — of inactivity in two weeks. It’s not realistic to go from a couch potato to a bodybuilder in two weeks. Set reasonable expectations for yourself as you start. Progress may be slow at first but, on the days when you want to skip a workout, visualize your reason for setting this goal. Is it to get in shape for an upcoming event? Is it for your health? Is it to lose 10 pounds? That reason will help you keep going. TAKE IT SLOWLY As you’re getting into a program, remember that you’re pushing yourself beyond what you’re used to doing. Your body may want to rebel a bit. Moderate to mild soreness that lasts a few days is probably okay, but if it lasts longer than that or if you’re so sore that you can’t get out of bed, you may have pushed yourself too hard. Especially when you’re starting, give your body time to recover. Lower-intensity days are necessary. It doesn’t mean you have to confine yourself to bed rest, but plan for a couple of days a week dedicated to less intense physical activity. Stretching, walking, and foam rolling are all activities you can do on a low-intensity day.

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